17 Yoga Mat Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat?

A comprehensive guide on “12 Yoga Mat Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat?

If you just sign up for yoga then the first thing that came in mind is “Buying Yoga Mat”. Because yoga mat is becoming a trend or fashion now, yogis think that yoga is nothing without a yoga mat.

In Ancient India, Kerala Yogis practice yoga without a yoga mat even today practice yoga without a yoga mat. Make sure that there is no need for a yoga mat at all.

12 Yoga Mat Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of A Yoga Mat?

Pros of using a yoga mat:

Yeah, yoga mat allows you to practice harder and complex poses without fear for slipping. It helps to hold the pose for a longer period of time. If you sweat a lot then yoga mat works well with sweat and gives you proper grip. If you have bad or sensitive knees then yoga mat offers enough cushion and supports your joints.  

Cons of yoga mat:

At comes point yoga mat is necessary but according to Professional Indian Ancient Yogies practice yoga on earth directly connects with mind and body. You may face problems at the beginning without yoga mat but its really great for the future. Because it’s all in the Mind. Eco-friendly Yoga Mats are costly.

Need to wash again and again. Cheap yoga mats made with harmful chemicals won’t allow you to focus on yoga and leaves weird smells. Some yoga mat does not offer grip, support. Cushion yoga mats are heavy difficult to carry. And travel yoga mat is too think. If you want the best yoga mat then need to invest more than $100.

Well if you think practicing yoga on slippery floor or ground increases the risk of injuries and accidents. Many varieties of flooring should be safe to practice on without using a yoga mat.

So practice yoga without a yoga mat need a safer and more comfortable floor. So here we suggest some yoga mat alternative that ensures the safety of your palm, feet, joints, and offers you grip, cushion.

There are multiple alternatives you can use as a replacement for the yoga mat.

Here we discuss on few different ways you can use, even some DIY ones. Maybe you are beginner, intermediate, or professional and don’t have enough budget then this comprehensive guide helps you.

Top 12 Yoga Mat Alternatives

1. Roll-Up Beach Towel

Beach towel is not only made for lounging or sunbathing but also great to offer the perfect surface for yoga. The multi-purpose beach yoga towel is a great workout tool even the best substitutes for a yoga mat.

Roll Up Beach Towel for practicing yoga

Simply lay a beach towel on a hard floor to create a smooth base. For trail pick the cushion or padding level as per your requirement and start yoga poses.

A Beach towel is quite easy and comfortable to use and the best option among the other yoga mat alternatives.

2. Roll-Up Yoga Towel

Beach towel and yoga towel both are the easiest and comfortable alternative of a yoga mat. Easy to roll-up, carry, and famous for providing enough cushion, support at hard floors.

A comprehensive checklist of the famous Top 18 Best Yoga Towels of 2019

If you practice yoga on the too hard floor then need a more plush bouncy towel to reduce the risk of pain and increase the cushion and support.

It’s built of a moisture-wicking material that absorbs water and sweat, so they stay sticky even when you’re dripping in a hot class.

Only one disadvantage of a yoga towel is slippery, which may increase the risk in your yoga session. 

3. Blanket

Blankets works same as yoga towels and quite thicker than a towel. Offer great cushion and support to your joints on hard floors.

Use Blanket as a yoga mat alternative

Easy to use, fold, and carry everywhere. But must avoid slippery comforters or fabrics increase the risk of injury, especially on polished floors.

However, if you are planning to do hard or complex poses like a downward dog on the blanket is a bad idea. Blanket as it’s not a perfect replacement for a yoga mat.

4. Fabric

Use fabric for yoga practice

If you take a round of market easily find the fabrics that almost match the yoga mat. Or also available on online E-commerce portals like Amazon.

Even you can make custom size yoga mats by taking the required size you want. If you want better traction and stickiness on the floor then pick handspun and woven fabric only.

5. Your Sleeping Bed:

Start your day with yoga is a great idea but practice on a bed is quite challenging.

Your bed is best alternative of yoga mat for practice yoga

The bed makes your yoga session bouncy without a stable floor but offers you great cushion and support.

So you are planning to meditate or practice some normal yoga then bed became your best alternative.

Outfitted that you have a cushion with enough backbone support, it can work as a nice replacement for a yoga mat.

However, make sure that only relaxing or lying down yogic poses are properly suited when you are practicing it on the bed.

6. Gloves & Socks

Every yogi wants better support, cushion, and grip while practicing yoga.

Best Low Cut Athletes Socks: Great Soles Ombre Novelty Print Non-Skid Socks for Women

Therefore, yogis like a traditional yoga mat because it allows you to practice without fear of slipping.

You can also try to practice yoga with grip socks for the same effect and grip.

So, if you are planning to practice yoga on slipping tiles, marbles or hardwood floors on a pair of grippy yoga socks can be an easy alternative to mats.

Best Yoga Socks

Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks for Yoga For Women:
Best For Women; Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks for Yoga For Women

Ozaiic yoga socks perfectly designed with a great combination of 93% high-quality cotton, 4% binding cloth, 3% spandex, and 100% silicon get an offer anti-slip surface at the bottom.

Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women

Best Toeless:
Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women

Hylaea aims to design exceptional socks that will take your yoga journey at the next level. It comes with non-slip silicone grips on the bottom that provide slip resistance surface and improve stability and balance and reduce the risk of slipping.

Great Soles Ombre Novelty Print Non-Skid Socks for Women
Best Low Cut Athletes Socks: Great Soles Ombre Novelty Print Non-Skid Socks for Women

Manufactured with high-quality skillfully hand-dipped process Hand-dipped process with eco-friendly stains for a stunning ombre design. Machine wash inside out and line dry.

7. Grassy Lawn:

Outdoor yoga session motivates you to connect with nature, mind, and body. The combination of nature and yoga makes a complete spiritual background and beneficial for both mind and body.

The grassy lawn gives you soft landing during sun salutations and earthy massage for your bare feet. According to Profession yogi Jean “practice yoga on medium-length grass because lengthy grass hurts you and small grass gives you mud feeling”.

For incredible experience try once and then you get dedicated to practicing yoga daily on a grassy lawn. Doesn’t spray water before yoga because it makes your session slippery. Barefoot allows you to connect with nature easily.

8. Carpet:

If bed won’t allow you to practice well then came down and try yoga on the carpet. It offers sufficient cushioning effect, you just need to change the style of rug or carpet according to the type of yoga you doing.

For more cushion effect carpet is best option for yoga

In winter season you don’t want to go out and even not stoping you practice yoga, so the carpet is one of the best alternatives of a yoga mat. Carpet offers better heat control.

But the downside is if the carpet is not fixed to the floor then maybe be slide around. Must fix a shower mat underneath the carpet, to keep in place.

9. Wood Floor:

Wood floors offer extra padding, the stable surface of yoga poses, and arm balances.

Wood floors offer extra padding, the stable surface of yoga poses, and arm balances.

It allows you to practice only limited yoga poses like standing positions and prevent from sliding.

It’s very uncomfortable and challenging to practice yoga on a wooden floor because it pressures on knees or hands.

I highly recommend you practice yoga barefoot to reduce the risk of slipping.

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10. Bath Mat:

Bath mat

Bath mat is perfectly designed to stick with floor and absorbs moisture even feels cozy under your feet.

Neat and clean bath mat incredible alternative of a yoga mat. If you have less budget at all, but it’s a pretty cheap way to practice yoga.

If you don't have all the above yoga mat alternative then a big rock is also better replacement if you use properly.

11. Big Rock:

If you don’t have all the above yoga mat substitute then a big rock is also better replacement if you use properly. 

12. Yoga Block:

Cork Wood Yoga Blocks with Premium Designs, 2 Pack

Yoga blocks are perfectly designed to offers enough support to your hands for standing pose and surface like a table or chair. Blocks are the best alternative of yoga mats even you can use under your feet, hips, or back. If you have 2 same size yoga blocks then it became a great substitute and allows you to practice yoga without a mat.

13. Yoga Strap:

Make sure that only prefer cloth belts with high-quality loop closure will allow you to practice yoga, even great for stretching your body.

14. Bolster:

Most costly yoga props and the most complex to replicate. Some of the proper similar yoga blankets can be folded up. Infrequently sofa pillows or cushions joined together in a towel will serve, but very hard to support as efficient as the real deal.

15. Yoga Chair:

Yes, we think that chairs are only for sitting, but you can use a chair for yoga. Make sure to use only a high-quality chair that allows you to put load. Just need to remove the back of your normal foldable chair, also remove the shape edges. Now your homemade yoga prop is ready.

16. Wall:

If you are really dedicated to practicing yoga and not a single prop above mention then the wall is a great substitute.

Wall offers you enough support.

17. No Worries at all:

It’s not compulsory that you always need a barrier between your body and earth. In fact, yoga is originated only for connection between you, your body, mind, soul, and earth. We use yoga mat only for grip and support. For yoga, you need only your body, breath, and a willingness to try.

Hope your doubts is clear now that “What to use if you don’t have a yoga mat”

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