Best 18 Yoga Towels In 2021

A comprehensive checklist of the famous Top 18 Best Yoga Towels in 2020

Great to see that finally, signup for yoga and looking for “Yoga Towel”.

Yes I Do Yoga, presenting 18 outstanding Yoga Towel brands, these towels do not only absorb your sweat as well as enhancing your performance and motivate you to do more yoga.


The Yoga Towel is not only an absorbent towel also presents a clean and slip-resistant surface, which can help better grip and traction during Ashtanga, Bikram, and hot yoga sessions.

Also add a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat, which can overcome the chance of increasing harmful bacteria to your skin. It can further add a few extra cushioning and comfort to your yoga mat. Or you can also utilize towels to wash the sweat away from the face, body, and hands.

While the temperature increases during Bikram (a.k.a. hot) yoga, the sweating can turn your mat into a slip’ n slide. To keep yourself dry, and your mat slip-proof, you need a quality hot yoga towel. This yoga towel will provide the right amount of grip to prevent you from slipping and sliding all over the mat.

Placing a towel on top of your yoga mat before class is an easy fix. These 18 Yoga towels are designed to be more grippy the wetter they get so they can handle even the hottest classes.

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Yogitoes Manduka 2.0 Yoga Mat Towel

Price: $58
Rating: 4.7 *
Size: 24 X 68 inch

Topmost brand
Anti-slip bottom
Patented skidless technology

Too Expensive

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Yoga

Price: $26.99
Rating: 4.4 *
Size: 60 X 29 inch

Super soft
Cooling effect 

Comes in non-biodegradable plastic pouch.

The Perfect Yoga Towel

Price: $1.95
Rating: 4.6 *
Size: 68 x 24 inches

Unique Tie Dye
Dries fast

Bit slippery

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

Price: $13.95
Rating: 4.2 *
Size: 24 X 72 inch

Super absorbent

Rubber smell at the beginning

IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

Price: $16.95
4.7 *
Size: 72 X26 inch

100% microfiber

little bit slides

Top 18 Yoga Towel Brands:

1. Yogitoes Manduka 2.0 Yoga Mat Towel

Yogitoes Manduka is the most trusted performance yoga towel in the world. This aide prevents slipping no concern how much you sweat or move. Lightweight and ultra-absorbent and fast drying.

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel for Mat

It features Manduka patented Skidless Technology, which uses silicone essences to grip your mat and hold you in place.
Perfect for hot yoga or any super sweaty workout.

Strong enough to take everywhere: the gym, the beach, pilates, or traveling. Comprehensive eco-friendly, all towel is produced with at least four recycled plastic bottles.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Operates completely wonderfully with my Manduka. I understand that you have to break in the Manduka and I used this towel (wet it slightly) to accommodate with grip while I break it in, and it was the most immeasurable class I had to far with no slipping difficulties and I am not a skinny woman. It additionally appends a bit of color and design to the mat. I truly like it.I recognize these are built for hot yoga and I do not do that, but I admired the pattern on this mat so I couldn’t help but buy and try to make work for me. I now carry a spray bottle of water with essential oils blended into every class and immerse the top and bottom of my mat before and during class. It is important unless you have no grip on the mat while exercising. This towel itself is lovely and good quality but it is not deserving of the hassle for conventional yoga classes.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.5-star rating yoga towel.
  • 200+ Users are happy to use and give positive feedback.
  • Costly but worth it.
  • Standard: 172cm x 61cm fit over all standard yoga mats, 0.48kg lightweight.
  • Perfect for hot yoga: non-slip, highly absorbent, + sweat-wicking.
  • Soft, sustainable, hygienic, and absorbent, use at the gym, the beach, pilates, or traveling.
  • Extensive Grips mat with Skidless Technology that employs 100% silicone nubs.
  • Manduka is the topmost brand in the yoga industry.
  • It comes with anti-slip bottom.
  • Made by using patented skidless technology.
  • For perfectly grip with mat Manduka use silicone nubs.
  • Made from hot and sweaty practice.
  • Sweat-wicking, ultra-absorbent, and quick drying.
  • Lightweight to take anyway.
  • Machine washable.
  • Make a hygienic layer between yoga and yoga mat.
  • A little bit slippery (i.e. natural).
  • Too Expensive (but worth it)

2. Alfamo Cooling Towel for Yoga:​

Alfamo is distinctive from regular towels. Premium superior material has the key feature of cooling your body immediately.

It is a super-absorbent Alfamo cooling towel that gives a cooling impact through the evaporation of absorbed water to hold you comfortable up to several hours.

Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping & More

This towel is not only stays chilled for up to 3 hours as well as it decreases body temperature up to 30 degrees.

It comes with fabric to give you pleasant to touch, fairly than annoyingly dripping wet. This towel also offers UPF 50 sunscreen protection.

You also washed it many times in the washing machine and so far it remains and free of those smells so endemic to athletic wear.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Fully lightweight and thin. It lingered cool for 5 hours before I had to add water again. Accommodated with my hot flashes too (used it as a scarf all day and it seemed to diminish the intensity of the hot flashes). Love it!Initially let’s be fair, cooling towels are best. If anything I would tell it’s a more effective wet towel. Performs a great job of absorbing the heat from my skin without the massive wet towel feeling (still feels damp but light). Although you don’t sense any cooling effect until to take it off to snap it (which I do every 30mins). This is pleased to wear, good material, easy to pack and I can wrap it around my head like a Hijab.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.4 Star rating product.
  • 2000+ users praise the quality of Alfamo yoga towel.
  • If your budget is 30$ then go for it.
  • First cooling towel with a falt pouch, All comes in a water-resistant plastic case, with a carabiner.
  • Comprehensive super soft, distinct from the PVA ones that are strong when dry.
  • This towel cools up to 30 degrees below body temperature when wet.
  • Breathable & Absorbent, the mesh fabric preserves water for cooling effect. Senses comfortable to the skin.
  • Ideal for sweaty actions.
  • Multi-purpose towel.
  • Super soft and compact.
  • Dries very fast and keeps you cooler.
  • Very efficient than a wet washcloth/towel which dries out too fast
  • Great shape and size for wrapping around various body parts
  • Made with skin-friendly Polyester and Polyamide.
  • Breathable, absorbent, and high-quality edge stitching.
  • Offers a cooling effect through evaporation.
  • No natural friendly.
  • It comes in an unnecessary and non-biodegradable plastic pouch.

3. The Perfect Yoga Towel

The Perfect Yoga Towel - Super Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip Bikram Hot Yoga Towels

Easily to use over my yoga mat to assist with sweat & slipping for our Piyo workouts. Everyone normally needs to use grippy yoga gloves to do the workout and sometimes even grippy socks.

And these towels are a game-changer, You can put it over any yoga mat and no need to wear gloves or socks at all! You get a complete grip the whole time & it kept your mat free from sweat.

Perfect towel fit our mats well and stayed in place. Hence, no yoga gloves cutting in between my fingers anymore!! Simple to throw in the washer after our workouts.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
I purchase this Yoga Mate towel and I’m in love! It easily absorbs complete of the sweat and fits on my mat perfectly, I love the color and it’s truly affordable. Buy this towel, you won’t be disappointed.After many uses, it hasn’t held up as carefully as some of the other towels I own. It is concise grippy than its primary use and is somewhat smaller than my mat now, now surprisingly positive how that happened since I treat all my towels with care and this is the just one with issues.

Reasons To Buy

  • 3214+ users hight recommend and appreciate the quality.
  • High-quality towel below the range of 20$.
  • Perfectly sized (68 x 24 inches) to put on top of any regular and XL-sized yoga mat.
  • Premium Microfiber Super Absorbent wicks away your sweat, giving you dry and in the pose!
  • Fashionable Colors & Premium Stitching, take the unique Tie Dye towel, and impress your fellow yogis!
  • Easily bring your Yoga Mate towel anywhere! It’s easy to pack, super lightweight, and dries fast.
  • Very soft and super absorbent.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Absorb a huge amount of sweat.
  • Unique Tie Dye towel.
  • Keep you safe from sliding.
  • It perfectly fits on your yoga mat.
  • Easy machine washable & dries fast.
  • Odorless, long-lasting, non-slip microfiber towel.
  • Offers enough traction doing inversions and balancing poses without slipping
  • Little bit slippery on the mat.

4. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

If your yoga mat can convert into one serious Slip ‘N Slide if you don’t utilize a towel specially designed to grip your mat. Which grip poses longer with the rest of mind that your towel will stay in place for the span of your practice.

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel, Non Slip, Super Absorbent, Plush Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel for Hot Yoga

This Youphoria Yoga Microfiber Towels are precisely designed for hot yoga and are manufactured from moisture-wicking, ultra-lightweight, microfiber.

Comprehensive machine washable towels affix a pure layer between you and your mat and minimizing the chance of harmful bacteria expanding to your skin and preserving you time on cleaning your mat.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
I admire this towel so much I purchased 3 so I don’t have to uniformly wash them. I go to Yoga 2 and CorePower Yoga Sculpt, both of which cause me to sweat buckets. This towel is a prevent slippery if your hands and feet are dry, but with a tiny bit of moisture, I have a great grip on my down dog. I love the color a lot, it’s not disturbing.the overall condition is satisfactory, absorbent, endures color and edges are finished nicely and wash well, machine sensitive and line dry. The not so good, is it doesn’t stay in position on my mat except it’s moderately well soaked. I normally give it a few immeasurable squirts from my water bottle around the corners and edge before a hot yoga session but have to rearrange it, notably on the corners.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.3-Star rating towel.
  • 1600+ users appreciate the quality of the towel and happy to use it.
  • High-quality towel below the range of 20$.
  • These towels are sized flawlessly (24 x 72 inches) to fit on top of any conventional mat.
  • Silicon free technology is used, tacky fibers of our microfiber if wet, grip your yoga mat and your skin, protect from dangerous slipping.
  • Make a hygienic layer between you and your mat and you’ll nevermore fear that studio mat, again.
  • Easily wash on cold after every sweaty use, and jump them in the dryer to be enough to go, again, in no time.
  • Best for both hot & non-hot yoga.
  • Exceptional quality & super absorbent.
  • Easily hold the 7 times weight of liquid.
  • Easy to wash and quick dry.
  • Pure microfiber towel.
  • Make a hygienic layer between you and mat.
  • Made with using Silicone-Free Anti-Slip Technology.
  • 24″ x 72″ size is perfectly fir on your yoga mat.
  • It comes with slip resistance quality.
  • 100% skin-friendly.
  • Great customer service.
  • Its non-slippery but doesn’t stay in place.
  • Leave rubber smell at the beginning.

5. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

IUGA yoga towels are designed by a group of yogis that want to formulate and produce high quality, affordable and active lifestyle products.

IUGA take high care of each little detail from our daily practice, starting with materials used to the design and fit, every stitch is formed by hand using modern techniques, just as you increase your practice from the foundation to complicated asanas.

This IUGA towel is constructed of super-absorbent microfiber that performs an unbelievable job of absorbing sweat and keeping your hands and feet from slipping.

So, no matter if you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or an amateur, these towels are made to support your poses without bunching or slipping for secure and comfortable practice.

Also when you get sweaty, this towel will immediately absorb your sweat keeping you dry and fresh through entire sessions.

IUGA towel originates with pockets in all 4 corners to wrap around the corners of your yoga mat so it stays put.

It enables you to focus on holding your pose instead of bothering about injuries from slipping.

IUGA Non Slip Yoga Towel, Extra Thick Hot Yoga Towel

2in1 Package and Premium Quality
  • Yoga Towel: Pair sizes available in 72″x26″ and 68″x24″. It fits most mats in different thicknesses. It’s made of 100% premium microfiber and it has a soft dense texture that is non slip during yoga practice.
  • Hand Towel: The soft and absorbent hand towel is perfect is great for wiping hands or face when things get a little too hot.
  • Spray Bottle Included: The mini bottle is a great accessory to have for wetting the towel before class or cleaning the mat afterward.
Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
You don’t even need to spray it too much to prevent your feet from slipping! This is a must-have for hot yoga. The material is not too rough and not too soft/comfy as well, so it is perfect for a workout.The towel is awesome. It’s got the job done. However, it is way bigger than my standard-size yoga mat so the corners don’t exactly go around the edges to fit cozy enough to keep the towel in place. I’m continually fixing it during practice. It’s additionally advertised as super absorbent, and as a person who sweats a lot in my heated classes, I can tell you this is not the case. The fabric is pleasant enough though.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.7 Star Rating Product.
  • 550+ Users appreciate the quality of the towel.
  • High-quality 2in1 combo pack below the budget of 20$.
  • Size: 72 X26 inch towel is the ideal size for almost all yoga mats.
  • Made: IUGA yoga towel is constructed of a 100% premium microfiber.
  • Towel arrives with pockets in all 4 corners to protect around the corners of your yoga mat so it stays put.
  • Complete skin-friendly and Silicone-Free Anti-Slip Technology.
  • Carefully picked material.
  • 100% microfiber and superabsorbent.
  • Ideal for sweaty yogis.
  • Great combo of mat towel, hand towel, and a spray bottle.
  • It comes with exceptional corner pockets.
  • Simply put your yoga mat in corner pockets.
  • Towel perfectly grips with your yoga mat.
  • Machine washable and quickly dries.
  • Hand towel is best for a quick wipe down your hand, head, and face.
  • Build with the consultation of Best Well-Known Yogis in The Universal Yoga Cosmos.
  • Quite big than standard yoga mat size.
  • It little bit slides.

6. Shandali GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel

All know sweat means slippery. A decent grip is necessary for yoga, Pilates, strengthening, stretching, or restorative floor exercises.

SHANDALI GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel with Super-Absorbent Soft Suede Microfiber in Many Colors, for Bikram Pilates and Yoga Mats.

Shandali high-quality yoga towel forms a comfortable microfiber suede cushion between you and your yoga mat. Jobs for home use, outdoor use, or at the yoga studio. Soft enough for meditation and mindfulness exercises, and hard Hot Yoga routines.

This Yoga Towel is built of long-lasting microfiber fabric that is both lightweight and sturdy. You can easily roll it or fold it up and carry it with you to the beach, park, or office. And you don’t feel burdened by a heavy unwieldy yoga mat anymore.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
I especially prefer this towel more than my Yogitoes one! It is greatly sticky, but ONLY when it’s wet. I extremely highly recommend you spray this towel down right before class so that you can get the most grip in the down dog.It’s worked amazingly, way outperformed the older yogitoes I was borrowing… and then I washed it. Was I not supposed to? Because now I can stay in one spot for about half a second before I slowly start sliding to my doom. Spraying water on it somewhat helps, but not enough to prevent you from constantly thinking about a sly transition move to fake people out when you accidentally slip out of down-dog and straight into your face.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.3 Star Rating yoga towel.
  • 1150+ users love the quality of the product.
  • If your budget is 20$ then go for it.
  • This Shandali GoSweat Yoga Towel is built of durable microfiber fabric that is both lightweight and strong.
  • Ideally sized for yoga mats. Increase the life of your yoga mat by covering it with a microfiber yoga towel.
  • This towel is more useful as a yoga aid. Easily fold it and put it below your knees for additional knee support.
  • Easy cleanup. Simply throw in the laundry and you’re done! High-quality coloring will last for multiple washes to come.
  • Excellently sized for every yoga mat.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Perfectly wicks moisture away.
  • Easy machine washable.
  • Microfiber texture for durability and traction.
  • Ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Ideal for hot and sweaty yoga sessions.
  • Hand towel Hygenic and skin-friendly.s best for a quick wipe down your hand, head, and face.
  • It reduces the risk of slipping.
  • Bunch up when you moved around.
  • Need to readjust frequently.

7. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga Jaci’s Hand Towel & Yoga Mat Towel are both manufactured with 100% Premium Super Soft, Super Absorbent Microfiber. This towel is not only for soak up sweat, however, they also contribute a comfortable, durable surface for your exercises.

Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel - Hand Towel - Combo Set - Non Slip and Skidless - Sweat Absorbent - Perfect for Bikram, Hot Yoga

No need to bother about Yoga Jaci’s Yoga Mat Towel bunching up between movements or slipping on wet surfaces. Retain Yoga Jaci’s Hand Towel close during work out sessions to wipe away perspiration beads, gripping your hands dry and hygienic.

The full-size towel is lightweight and smoothly rolls up with mat when you’re headed to working out at the yoga studio or gym.

Super soft towels generate a hygienic barrier between you and your mat. It does not only increase your yoga mat’s life, but you’ll also be to appreciate your workouts without slipping or adhering to a moist, sweaty mat.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
I can easily move approximately and it doesn’t clump or roll-up. Effortless to use and keep clean. The color is exactly in the picture and I am very satisfied with this purchase.Yoga Jaci is my first towel, so little to compare to. A quite nice color and immeasurable length. It consumes sweat just fine and is nice to the touch. I am not the biggest yoga student so I tend to give the towel a lot while doing yoga (I don’t slip when on it, but had hoped it would stay in place more). I guess the towel would not move as much had it little grips under it.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.7 Star Rating yoga mat towel.
  • 1000+ users appreciate the quality of the towel and give positive feedback.
  • Best combo pack of Hand + Mat towel below the 30$.
  • A combo set that makes fabulous soaking up the sweat from your face, hand, and body during exercise then your search is over.
  • Mat Towel Non-Slip is 100% microfiber (85% Polyester + 15% Polyamide) premium upgrade quality and super soft materials.
  • 5 Active Colors & 2 Unique Designs to Encourage & Relax Your Soul.
  • A yoga towel is mat dimension length it means that you can cover the majority of the standard mat.
  • 100% premium microfiber material.
  • Completely soak up sweat while practicing.
  • Available in 2 unique designs & 5 vibrant colors.
  • Easy machine washable with cold water and detergent.
  • For extra grip spray water on your mat and then place a towel.
  • Motivates you to do more hard positions.
  • Keeping your hands dry and sanitary.
  • High-quality edge stitching.
  • Bunch up a little bit.
  • Expensive.

8. Fit Spirit Yoga Towel

Fit Spirit yoga towel is multi-purpose towels that are compact and comfortable, creating them ideal for sports, outdoors, and travel. Use it to absorb up sweat when hiking or playing sports, wiping off after a swim, for a day at the beach or picnicking; traveling, camping, yoga, gym, even for the bath at home… Quickly you’ll be taking your Fit Spirit Microfiber Sports Towel everywhere.

FIT SPIRIT Microfiber Bath Sport Towels, 2 Pack

Dodge the bulk of normal towels or the trouble of having to wait for them to dry, and rather experience the many benefits of microfiber: super absorbent, swift to dry, lightweight, flexible yet durable, and compact.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Material is quite as smooth as a shammy but a little thicker. Operates comprehensive to clear sweat, and it’s not too big so it can just sit on your shoulders as you work out. Also, the Fit Spirit tag is soft, not scratchy like other tags. You’ll love this!It’s incredibly soft to the touch which I genuinely like. however it is somewhat thicker than some of my other microfiber hand towels, so that’s a plus to these. I don’t like the towels is the big label they sewed into it.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.5 Star Rating product.
  • 900+ Users are happy to use and give positive feedback.
  • Best yoga towel below the rang of 15$.
  • 2pc – 20×40 inches Pink Microfiber Sport Towels.
  • Professionally made fabric and fibers to create a soft and luxurious feel.
  • Compact, lightweight, and easily portable functionality execute this sports towel design for any type of workout or exercise.
  • Premium woven fabric.
  • Reasonable yoga towel.
  • Multi-purpose towel.
  • Absorb sweat & water well.
  • Quite thicker than normal towels.
  • Machine washable.
  • Fiber gives you a soft and comfortable feel.
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact.
  • Made with a combination of prime absorption with magnified drying properties.
  • Larger Rough label.
  • Leaves bit odd smell at the beginning.

9. Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel

Gaiam Yoga Towel is super soft, which absorbs twice as much sweat and moisture as the ordinary cotton towel and dries in half the period. This high-performance towel is assured to keep you safe and secure on your mat and is ideal for hot yoga sessions.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel Microfiber Mat-Sized Yoga Towel for Hot Yoga

Invented for vinyasa, Ashtanga, and hot yoga, Gaiam super-absorbent, hypo-allergenic, and non-permeable microfiber mat towels are perfect to fit immediately on top of a standard yoga mat. Besides, available in an over-sized version (26 inches W x 72 inch L).

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Truly, I never knew how much ordinary towels absorbed in Bikram until I bought these dry towels. It offers a huge difference in your yoga experience is incredible. Completely thin enough to be unobtrusive, yet they do not slip at all. Plus as advertised– they are super-absorbent and ideal for all the hot yoga drips and dribbles.This is not a towel invented for hot yoga. It slides and slips and doesn’t stay fixed. I’ve seen that other yogis’ towels rest nice and flat on their mats but this towel becomes twisted and shifts around a lot. Ends of the towel more curl up and don’t lie flat. At points, I get so frustrated in sessions that I’ve just taken it off completely. Toward the plus side, the material is soft and gentle and the color is beautiful. If you are watching for a general-purpose yoga towel, this may work for you, but for hot yogis, look elsewhere.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.2 Star Rating product.
  • 700+ users praise the quality of a yoga towel.
  • Best in between 9-35$ budget.
  • Perfectly sized to fit over the traditional yoga mat. More available in an over-sized version (26 inches W x 72 inch L).
  • An easy-care combination of 88% polyester, 12% nylon.
  • Easy machine washes individually in cold water and dry flat.
  • Additionally performs as a substitute for yoga mat in a pinch.
  • Gaiam is a leading brand in the yoga industry.
  • Perfectly designed for vinyasa, ashtanga, and hot yoga.
  • Non-permeable and hypoallergenic microfiber.
  • Wicking away moisture.
  • Drying in half the time than regular towels.
  • Perfectly fits on stand size yoga mats.
  • Machine washable in cold water.
  • Little bit slippery.
  • Not good for hot yoga.
  • Expensive.

10. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel

This Heathyoga towel is more costly but deserving of it. A yoga towel is featured with a Dual-Grip two-sided. Silicone and Microfiber coating mixture is the most advanced technological improvement to the fabulous single microfiber towel.

The uniquely designed grip-grid texture guarantees stability and encourages you to hold poses longer and more resolute.
Ideal for those who sweat and principally for Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Power Yoga practitioners. The extra you sweat, the more grippy the towel makes.
As a professional yoga product producer for over 10 years, Heathyoga has been and yet continuing to source our planet for the most desirable materials to ensure customer complete satisfaction.

Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design, Microfiber and Silicone Coating Layer, Free Carry Bag and Spray Bottle, Perfect for Hot Yoga, Bikram and Pilates

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
This is an outstanding yoga towel. I sweat a lot during hot yoga — A LOT. I was slipping all over the place using a higher-priced towel. This one is It is quite grippy on the mat side (it does not slide or a bunch) and further grippy on my hands and feet. I notify the performance is also better when I spray it down with a mist of water before beginning, as the directions suggest. I have purchased two of these mats and had a tiny problem with the silicone on the backside dropping off of one of them.This towel is extremely softer and stays in place (for the most part). I utilize it for yoga sculpt so I’m moving/jumping/etc on the mat/towel a lot and it does shift some. I sprinkle the towel down a lot when I start but it doesn’t look to stay in place the most helpful if I don’t get sweaty to keep it wet.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.5 Star Rating yoga towel.
  • 700+ User praise quality of the product.
  • High-quality towel below the range of 20$.
  • Available in 2 Sizes: 72 x 26 inch / 68 x 24 inch, fit for most yoga mats. Independent 15 X 11-inch matching color carry bag with a cotton rope closure, easy to carry.
  • This towel is built with super soft, absorbent and moisture-wicking microfiber that absorbs moisture and sweat like a giant sponge.
  • Comes with unique designed corner pockets hook onto the corners of your mat, so when completely engaged, the towel is set and will stay securely in place.
  • Includes Spray Bottle: spray some water on the towel before a yoga class to support increase traction needed.
  • This towel performs as an excellent moisture-wicking towel to wipe away sweat and creates a non-slip surface.

11. YogaRat Yoga Towel

YogaRat mat length yoga towels are prepared to go over your yoga mat during exercise to absorb moisture and improve grip. A towel is thin sufficient for ease of packing and carrying to the studio, and thick enough to take a sober soaking. Obtainable in multiple mat sizes, as well as our comfortable hand towel size, YogaRat call our yoga towel classic, because it’s the one you’ll come back to again.

The YogaRat’s Yoga Towels are easily machine washable and dryable (wash cold with like colors, no bleach or fabric softener, tumble dry low) for obvious care, and they’ll remain to look stylish over the long haul. Hence, no matter which class of yoga towel you want, we’ve got your mat covered here at YogaRat.

YogaRat Yoga Towel

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
I purchased two of these towels about a year ago and they were great, but the ones I just re-ordered are Wonderful! These have a smooth weave, unlike the old ones that seemed more like thick terry cloth. These are moderately thick, super soft, and highly absorbent. Apart from yoga, I use it to extract out my long, thick, curly hair! It’s a comprehensive size and gets the extra water out. It wipes quickly and seems like it will last through a lot of washings. They nevermore develop that moldy smell like some towels. I love these towels!Simply ok. It is a fabulous length (covers my entire mat nicely) but it bunched up quite a bit during my hot yoga sequences. The mat couldn’t keep up with the quick movement of the class. For slower flow classes this might work out just fine, but if you are doing Bikram or other power vinyasa flows this might not be the best choice. I had to reposition the towel a few times which took me out of my flow.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.4 Star Rating yoga towel.
  • 1000+ users laud the quality of the product.
  • High-quality, loaded with outstanding features in your budget.
  • Made from 100% Microfiber top for grip and moisture absorption, 80% Polyester/20% Nylon texture.
  • Yoga Mat Towel Size (24 x 72) inches: Suits longer yoga mats, as well as smaller ones, same high microfiber, feel without color-bleed in the wash.
  • Yoga Towel Size (15 x 24) inches: during sessions to clean your face and hands, or use at the gym or around the house.
  • Easily cut to the size of your mat, this Classic Towel is light and thin, yet ultra-absorbent.
  • Respectively side has a distinct color, for a unique and attractive style.

12. Aurorae Non-Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Aurorae’s towel is not only extremely hygienic but is also a super absorbent multi-purpose microfiber towel.

100% microfiber towel is available in active colors to encourage you to grip your yoga mat during your hot yoga sessions; it is lightweight and very easy to care for.

This Yoga Mat Towel is designed to suit right over your yoga mat so you don’t have to bother about moving it around while you practice.

This will beat any ordinary cotton towel that you use to dry yourself off after a bath. Currently is available in 2-sizes: 72 x 24-inch and 30 x 24 inch.

Aurorae Non Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Aurorae towels are great, nice and grippy and wicking so they don’t get sopping wet.Love this towel. I could have probably used a sport size, as this is as long as my mat, but at this size is works as an under-mat-pad as well but I am steadily slipping.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.3 Star Rating Yoga Towel.
  • 400+ Users appreciate the quality of the towel.
  • High-quality yoga towel between the range of 10-25$.
  • Size:‌ 72-inch long x 24 inch wide to fit right over your yoga mat; Sport Towel size is 30-inch x 24 inches.
  • Made: High-quality, 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide super absorbent microfiber.
  • Perfectly Designed to absorb some additional sweat that may concentrate on your body, as well as your yoga mat while exercising.
  • Easily employing over your yoga mat, perfect to place on a carpet for a safe & hygienic yoga or exercise practice acts as a supreme towel to clean away sweat during your yoga practice and found a slip-free surface and safe practice.
  • Simple machine washes independently, cold water with detergent; tumble dry low, lightweight, Lush, super soft for encouragement against your skin.

13. Susama Popular Yoga Towel

A complete skid-less anti-slip towel is the accurate size for your yoga & pilates mat. This Susama towel is slip-free, non-skid, sweat absorbing and light.

Greatly grips, even more, when wet during hot yoga. Famous for Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. Ideal for Lululemon Jade, Gaiam, Manduka, Aurorae, Kulae, Orla Kiely, Bean, Timbuk2 and Hugger Mugger mats.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Great grip, pleasant feel to it, and most importantly, these last. I purchased 4 for my husband last year and he takes 10 classes aweek. They yet look and feel new. This is a great company, and the cost is unbeatable for a towel of this quality.The only reason why I am giving this 3 stars is the price, but you get what you pay for. Like others have stated this towel bunches and movements around a lot. Making it very hard to hold poses. It claims to stick to the mat but that is false and my mat is sticky, not slick.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.5-Star Rating yoga towel.
  • 500+ Users praise this product.
  • Best towel in the budget of 20$.
  • Built from lightweight premium 100% microfiber material, Non-Slip, Super Absorbent, super Light, quick-dry, and eco-friendly towel.
  • 24 inches x 72 inches perfect for Lululemon Jade, Gaiam, Manduka, Aurorae, Kulae, Orla Kiely, Bean, Timbuk2, and Hugger Mugger mats.
  • This towel is eco-friendly, needs less energy to wash and dry compared to conventional towels.
  • Fast-drying feature towel for best sports performance.
  • Complete multi-purpose towel – can also be used as a premium bath towel and a beach towel.


MEGALOVEMART Suede Sports Towels arrive in various sizes, so you can pick what is extremely suited for your daily needs and activities. These towels are highly versatile and have relationships outside of sports.

Engineered for functionality and super absorbency, and finely woven for a soft and rich feel, you’ll find yourself swapping out your regular towels for our Suede Sports Towels.

They are compact and ultra-thin, they are perfect to pack as your travel towel. Instead, take it when you go camping, hiking, swimming, or any outdoors activities.

MEGALOVEMART Suede Microfiber Gym Sport Towel

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Stunning purple color true to the images in the seller description. The dimension and size of these are again as described and is good for putting in a gym bag to wipe your face after working out. These are SO soft! I could even see using this to dry a baby after a bath because it is that gentle.The merchant is great, the towels are towels-but they are a pain in the butt to wash. Have to wash separately, no fabric softener, and can’t wash with cotton. Essentially, they have had to be hand-washed which is just inconvenient.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.4-Star rating product.
  • 250+ users are happy to use and give positive feedback.
  • Ideal yoga towel for hot yoga below the range of 20$.
  • Size: Set of 2 Super Absorbent 32 x 72-inch Suede Non-Slip Microfiber Sports & Hot Yoga Gym Towels.
  • Construction: 100% microfiber towels are a woven mixture of extra-fine fibers for an especially smooth touch and luxurious feeling.
  • Perfectly engineered to soak up loads of sweat, delivering them excellent for hot days, vigorous sports, exercise, and outdoor activities.
  • Machine-washable and dry instantly to keep up with your active lifestyle.
  • Appears in various sizes, so you can pick what is best suited for your daily needs and activities.

15. Ewedoos Yoga Towel

Ewedoos think Yoga is a practice that consolidates all perspectives of life, not just the physical. It also includes breath, philosophy, and spirit. That’s not about simply touching your toes or can do the most high-level pose, but it’s about living life in a confident way.

All about the way you address your life and the world around you.
If you like hot yoga sessions, or even if you just sweat a lot – meet your new favorite yoga accessory: Ewedoos’s Yoga Mat Towel.
Emphasizes 4 corner pockets on the backside which holds onto the mat and adjusts the towel in place and restricts bunching.

Constructed from 100% Premium Super Soft and Absorbent Microfiber. This absorbs 5X its weight as enough as standard cotton and dries in half the time, so you don’t have to bother about slipping making it perfect for hot yoga.

Ewedoos Yoga Towel with Anchor Fit Corners, Non Slip Yoga Towel

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I have washed and dried at least a dozen times and have bought a second one. It’s my go-to towel now. Love it! Still soft and grippy as ever and has not shrunk even though I always run it through the dryer. Highly recommend.The size of the towel is small. I like that the corners attach to the mat but the size is much smaller than a regular mat size.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.8-Star Rating Product.
  • 200+ users are happy to use.
  • Perfect yoga towel below the range of 20$.
  • Size: 72 x 26-inch hot yoga towel is the ideal size for any yoga mat, also a famous travel yoga companion when you’re away.
  • Construction: 100% premium microfiber, acts as an excellent moisture absorbent towel to wipe away sweat and create a slip-free surface.
  • 4 corner pockets on the backside which holds onto the mat and secure the towel in place and prevents bunching.
  • Absorbs 5X its weight as much as standard cotton and dries in half the time.
  • This towel gives a hygienic layer between you and the mat, primarily when using a studio mat.

16. Clever Yoga Towel for Hot Yoga

Clever Yoga towel fits covering your yoga mat to wick away sweat and give a sanitary and non-skid surface to immediately improve your practice.

Unlike normal towels, Clever microfiber towels won’t bunch up or slide around to deliver you the perfect balance of stability and cushion to withstand any workout.

And the main thing is Clever Yoga products are designed by yogis, for yogis. they test every product before they share it with the world to ensure it can handle the wear and tear that originates from vigorous daily practice.

Created to stay in place, the yoga mat towel is engineered to provide for more grip than a pad or mat alone. It enhances even more grippy as it gets wet to keeps you from sliding.

Yoga Towels for Hot Yoga Non Slip - Microfiber Mat Towel

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
High quality soft durable odor resistant. Fabulous looking towel.I truly love the color of these and they do wash well as directed, for some cause the original creases still haven’t come out after multiple uses and there is a tad bit of wear at the edge seams, but overall a good product. No corner holder for the mat so it does tend to slide more than I like it to, but it is an OK towel.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.5-Star Rating Product.
  • 250+ Users are given positive feedback.
  • Perfect Yoga Towel below the range of 20$.
  • Size: 72 x26.5 inches, sized to fit directly on top of your mat to create a hygienic barrier.
  • Design: engineered to provide for more extra grip than a pad or mat alone.
  • Construction: 100% premium feature microfiber so taking care of your yoga towels couldn’t be easier.
  • Absolute yoga towels for hot yoga, Bikram, pilates, vinyasa and power yoga.
  • 1.1 pounds, towels are compact and lightweight making them comfortable to carry around in your gym bag.

17. Syourdself Yoga Towel

Famous for all types of yoga (especially hot yoga)-Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga, Asana, Pilates, and meditation. Ideal for sports& outdoors-workout out, lawn, beach, hiking, fitness, picnic, camping, swimming, travel, backpacking.

Made from 100% Microfiber, ultra-soft, lint-free and comfortable, fast-dry, absorbent, antibacterial material. During yoga sessions sweating during yoga is inevitable, keep your sweaty hands and feet dry is necessary for your safety.

This Syourself microfiber cork yoga mat towel can do this for you. Stay tightly in place, which enables you to completely focus your mind and body on the yoga practice. Sprinkle your towel gently with water at the beginning of your workout for the best grip. Surprisingly vibrant and eye-catching when you open it in the yoga studio. Respectively style has its appropriate connotation, check and experience it now.

Compact, lightweight and foldable, appear with unique microfiber travel bag make it more comfortable to carry. Employing this pouch as a phone bag, bottle sleeve or anything you want.


Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Superbly vibrant colors. I waited to write my review until after I washed my towel to see if the colors would fade. But I did not! My towel is still popping with color. Additionally, it’s truly a lifesaver. While hot yoga sweat waters down my body creating treacherous puddles of potential danger, but my Syourself Yoga Towel absorbs the threat and endures slip-free.I suppose my main objection is that I don’t like the feel of the towel. Quite slips a little, but all the mat covers I have to do that. But doesn’t fit precisely, it could be just 1/2-inch wider. Moreover, it’s not quite as pretty as I thought it would be. Sorry, I prefer to give good reviews, and I’ll bet some people would prefer this light yoga mat cover to the ones that are a little denser.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.0-Star Rating Product.
  • 205+ Users are happy to use.
  • Perfect Yoga Towel below the range of 20$.
  • Size: 72 x 24 inches, fully covers your yoga mat, building a hygienic layer between you and dirty public mat.
  • Design: Vibrant, bright, water-based, non-fade prints design, make you inspired to roll out your towel.
  • Construction: 100% Microfiber Material, Luxurious, soft, lint-free, reusable, Digital Printing.
  • Available in 4 trendy styles.
  • Made a protecting layer between you and your mat, preserve your skin from the harm of bacteria in the sweaty yoga mat.

18. Nanga Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

Nanga yoga towels are ideally designed for use as a hot yoga towel for your sweatiest Corepower, Bikram, or Ashtanga Vinyasa practices, but also famous for slower Hatha, Asana, or Iyengar yoga focused on the precision of action and more extended poses.

Easily reduces the transfer of possibly harmful bacteria from studio rental mats and increases the life of your yoga mat with this hypoallergenic yoga towel.

Made from the super absorbent fabric to the whipstitched trim to ensure supreme durability, every aspect of the Nanga Hot Yoga Towel was deliberately designed.

Positive Reviewer FeedbackNegative Reviewer Feedback
Exactly what I was looking for. I constantly practice heated power vinyasa and was looking for a hand towel that would stay at the top of my mat to keep my hands from slipping.I think the colors will fade easily once washed a few times, but it works great for a hot yoga clothes.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.3-star rating Product.
  • 100+ Users’ positive feedback.
  • Perfect yoga towel below the range of 20$.
  • Sized: 24 x 72 inches to completely cover standard and over-sized yoga mats.
  • Easily machine Washable & Dryable for over 500 washes.
  • Absorb up a sweat with premium 360 GSM.
  • Soak up to 7x the weight of the towel and dries in minutes.
  • Famous for traveling, the gym, beach, and any kind of active lifestyle.
  • OR if you are unhappy with the Nanga Hot Yoga Towel for any reason, return it for a no-hassle refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Do I need a “yoga towel?”

Maybe you think that is yoga mat is needed? Can’t I simply use a regular towel? Or no towel at all.
So, technically you can. Generally, if you only exercise yin yoga, aka you did not sweat during yoga, a yoga towel will allow nothing besides a bit extra support. Or If you do hot yoga, you require a towel to stop slipping which can cause injury.

Q2. What are the advantages of a towel for hot yoga?

  • Prolongs the life of your yoga mat
  • Reduces the chance of feet slipping (especially important in hot yoga)
  • Fully absorbs sweat and acts as a “sticky” surface after your mat gets sweaty

Q3. What about a normal towel?

Everyone wants to save the money, but because of a save few dollars why compromise with the quality of the towel. Easy to do but it doesn’t work very well. Generally, ordinary towels don’t stick to your mat which leads to bunching up.
Normal towels will carry out fast; yoga towels best for years with routine use. Yoga towels are the ideal size to easily fit your yoga mat. Normal towels are too broad and too small to be used for yoga!

Q4. How to Pick the Best Yoga Towels?

Before purchasing any towel for yoga must verify these 7 key features, this will help you to buy a better one.

Moisture Absorption: Journey begins with this major feature, generally yoga towels manufactured from a microfiber fabric which is very active at sweat and moisture absorption. As well all know microfiber has a feature to absorb a lot of moisture for its thickness and weight and also can assist prevent slipping while performing yoga poses.

Thickness and Cushioning: Most Yoga mats are pretty then and do not give a lot of cushioning. That is remarkably true if you are using a thinner travel Yoga mat. Because these mats are extra compact but do not offer the proper cushioning you may require.

Size: Size selection is another major feature, but no worries because now towels are made a standard size and that easily fits over a standard-size yoga mat. But it’s not sure that all yoga mats and towels are the same sizes so take a smart move, measure your yoga mat size and the order/purchase your required size yoga towel.

Grip: without proper grip, you incapable to do a single yoga pose, and most of the yoga towel has some degree of slip resistance. And best yoga towel has the strength to provide you a desirable grip. For proper grip before starting your session, it is best to spray some water on the towel to give you more traction right from the start.

Durability: Genuine Yoga towels are quick-drying, this is exceptionally gentle so you don’t have to carry around a wet, sweaty towel after your workout. Generally, a yoga towel is going to be absorbing a lot of sweat during your Yoga session so having a towel that can endure frequent washing with warm/hot water then can handle a dryer is crucial.

Review: This is one of the best ways to check and verify the quality to yoga towel, without facing any trouble. The review is also known as a feedback section where users give the star rating and comment about the features of the product maybe it’s negative or positive depends on the user. If the user satisfies give 5-star or if not then below the 4-star rating. Therefore, this is the time-saving feature.

Price: In simple words, quality equals price. Yo get what you pay. Great to purchase a good quality towel that lasts a long time vs buying cheap ones regularly.

Q5. Why Use A Yoga Towel?​

  • They’re Absorbent.
  • They Give You A Better Grip.​
  • They Protect Against Germs.
  1. They’re Absorbent: If you are doing hot yoga then a yoga towel is more essential sports gear for you. You know that after a hard hot yoga session you’re weight reduce afterward so due to this of loss up to 1.5litre of body water. Must using an absorbent yoga towel can bring some anxiety out of your hot yoga session because, with a great one, you’ll know there’s a more limited chance of slipping and sliding on your mat.​
  2. They Give You A Better Grip: Usually, Yoga towels are designed to enable for more grip than a pad or mat only. Towel typically built of microfiber materials that grow even more grippy as they get wet. Besides, a beach towel, they’re engineered to stay in place. Unusual some yoga towels arrive with bands or sleeves bands that encourage them to attach to the yoga mat to stay put during a complete vigorous workout.
  3. They Protect Against Germs: Health facilities’ practices of washing yoga mats vary extensively. After the growth of demand in yoga, doctors have seen a spike in the number of patients experiencing from infectious conditions like athlete’s foot and plantar warts.

So, if you’re employing a yoga mat provided by the studio or gym, placing your yoga towel over that mat can help to guarantee proper hygiene.

Many products available in the market like yoga mat wipes and hand and foot gloves that you can wear, but it makes sense to clarify the process by bringing a clean yoga towel with you when you’re utilizing a shared mat.

Utilizing yoga towels is also an exceptional way to keep your mats clean and in high-grade condition.​

Q6. Difference Between Regular Towels Vs. Yoga Towels​?

Ordinary towels are badly fitted to yoga classes. Towels created for yoga have non-skid surfaces on both sides, this offers required safety and stability. Beach or bath towels will bunch up and slide around. No one wants to waste their precious time adjusting and readjusting towels.

Truly, yoga towels are precisely sized to fit over mats and to stay in place. Amazing types feature little rubber grips on one side to provide added skid proofing.

These towels also are enough absorbing sweat than bath towels, which is particularly appreciated by Bikram and hot yoga practitioners. Moreover, also give more cushioning than regular towels.Normal towels will carry out fast; yoga towels last for years with routine use. Yoga towels are the ideal size to easily fit your yoga mat. Normal towels are too broad and too small to be used for yoga!

Q7. How To Use Properly “Yoga Towel​”?

It’s very easy to use, simply place the towel on your mat. Just cover the mat only and not spill over the edges; this lets you have precision with your yoga positioning.
Many yogis advise sprinkling water on the towel before beginning to exercise for upgraded grip. After class, simply throw your towel into the washing machine and then tumble or air dry.​

Q8. What Makes One Yoga Towel Different From Another?

Yoga towels have the limited materials that deliver them feel, grip, and absorbency of their towels reach out from their opponents.
Others present a means of connecting their towels to pads and mats that other towels honestly don’t have. Size, thicknesses, and color options also vary.
Not just for Yoga
Yoga towel also dries quickly, so you’re not left with dense, wet fabric when you’re done exercise.
Many societies even use their towels in a pinch when a mat or pad isn’t available since towels give softness as well as stability and grip.

Q9. How to Clean a Yoga Towel?

A yoga mat that requires to be cleaned with a spray, a yoga towel can normally just be put in the wash and laundered like any other towel in hot water. That not only keeps it clean, but it accommodates to sanitize it since you will numerous likely be sweating quite a little when using it. Health should be a top preference for any type of exercise and exercise equipment.
Normal towels will carry out fast; yoga towels last for years with routine use. These towels are the ideal size to easily fit your yoga mat. Normal towels are too broad and too small to be used for yoga!

Q10. Where To Buy?

Many yoga studios or gyms that give yoga classes sell yoga towels. You can easily find them online and at sporting goods shops.

These towels are available in a comprehensive spectrum of colors, thicknesses and fabric combinations. The price for the best yoga towels ranges from about $20 to $60.

I always prefer to buy everything on Amazon, because of many brands option, fast service, easy returns policy or many more.

I hope this guide is very helpful for you and help to pick the desirable yoga towel. Or if you want to comment or recommend a towel I didn’t cover.


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