Top 20 High-Quality Best Cork Yoga Mat Review 2021

Today we are going to review top-selling, high-quality, Best Cork Yoga Mat 2020.


As we know that now Yoga became more popular in the world as an activity to improve mental and physical fitness. Yoga trend gave birth to a complete market of yoga gears like yoga pants, yoga socks, and yoga mats. Improve concentration on Natural or Eco-Friendly material, makers compete with each other therefore they have to manufactured yoga mats more sustainable.

If you’ve hard to find the best cork yoga mat, we’ve created this comprehensive guide that helps to find all eco-friendly material that helps to keep bacteria-free, odorless, better cushion, helps to hold the pose.

Why Trust on our Recommendations:

Yesidoyoga writers do research approx 25-30 days on the most famous, successful, best “Top 20 High-Quality Best Cork Yoga Mat Review 2020available in the market. 

I truly tell you it’s very hard to find the best one because as we know that yoga is now going to trend, so there are tons of brands launch daily with low quality at cheap price. 

Before making the final recommendations, they considered 30 different cork yoga mats overall, read over 100+ positive and negative reviews and tested few of the mats themselves. 

*So you can trust our recommendations.*

Images Best Overall Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat Best Earth Friendly Gurus Cork Yoga Mat Best Eco-Friendly Repose Cork Yoga Mat Best Hygienic Elephant Design Valka Cork Yoga Mat Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat
Brand Name Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat Repose Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Valka Cork Yoga Mat Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat
Bottom Line Best Overall Best EarthFriendly Best Natural Best Hygienic Best for Hot Yoga
Price $149.00 $98.99 $69.99 $69.99 $62.00 – $88.00
Rating 4.1* 4.3* 4.4* 4.6* 4.5*
Pros Sustainable, Soft, Durable. Beautiful cork, uniform finish, smells nice A great amount of support, traction, and comfort. Antimicrobial and it feels nice on the feet. Fully Anti-microbial and incredibly kills bacteria and germs.
Cons Little bit heavy. Little bit thin. Bit slippery. No Cons Expensive but worth it.
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What is the best cork yoga mat?

List of Best Cork Yoga Mat Brands

1. Overall Best: Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

Yoloha Cork Native Cork Yoga Mat comes with a great combination of two recycled materials: rubber and cork. The result is a mat with excellent durability, serious grip performance, and less weight. It doesn’t what type of yoga practice you are doing this mat will work for you. With this mat, you no need an extra yoga towel for hot yoga. 

Moreover, it also features two more inches to the width to add extra space to practice. Therefore whether it’s Vinyasa or Hot Yoga, Iyengar or Yin, Ashtanga or Bikram, and yet Restorative the Native Cork Yoga Mat is really ideal for any practice.

Additionally, it also comes with antimicrobial, natural qualities that execute this high sustainable material pretty easy to clean. The eco-friendly and non-toxic foam helps to provide enough cushion for comfort without frustrating balance.

Best Overall Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat


  • 1.5mm thick cork and recycled foam on the topside.
  • 3.5mm thick foam at the bottom side for enough cushion.
  • Medium-density.
    Excellent portability.
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 26″, 80” x 26”
  • Weight: 4lbs.

Brand Description:

Yoloha was constructed out of families’ enthusiasm for yoga, sustainability, surfing, travel and the outdoors. 

Yoga + Aloha = Yoloha. Cork survived and exceeded any other natural material and, great of all, it gave a non-slip surface also when wet, excluding the need for oil-based wax or plastic EVA foams for traction.

Reviewer Feedback 1:Reviewer Feedback 2:
Dean says that “This mat has the right amount of cushioning not too little, not too much. Even mat provides me enough grip and its unique combination that make it pretty great for avoiding slipping”.Uchibori says that “before buying this mat I research and review many mats, and then I buy this mat. I’m happy with its gripping and cushion. It comes with zero offers a nice odor.
  • Sustainable, Soft, Durable.
  • Moisture Absorbing and Non-Slipping.
  • Very cushy and grippy.
  • No odour rubber smell.
  • Right amount of cushion.
  • Ideal for hot yoga.
  • Perfect slip resistance.
  • Little bit heavy.

2. EarthFriendly: Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Guru’s yoga mat is perfectly designed with high-quality TPE back and lightweight cork top. Cork material usually ejects moisture and becomes gripper while wet, so no worries about the slipping issue. 

While during a hot yoga session and you sweat a lot, then this mat works perfectly without any trouble even you no need a towel. It’s earth-friendly cork material always keeps you free from the toxic substance so very easy to use for daily practice. 

This yoga mat unable to absorb the heat the way foam and rubber yoga mats do, creating this mat perfect for outdoor training. 

Best Earth Friendly Gurus Cork Yoga Mat


  • It comes with a lightweight cork top.
  • Back is made from TPE.
    Naturally displace