Best Legging For Curvy Figure Ladies

If you have a curvy figure and looking for the Best Legging For Curvy Figure. Who provide you desired comfortability, stylish looks, at an affordable price then it doesn’t matter what’s your shape or size.

So you are on the right page here we research and review the top best curvy figure leggings for women. Who not only gives confidence, even allows you to wear daily.

It’s quite difficult to find out the curvy legging. Because a maximum of them are excluded from the mainstream fashion pant size that is really irritating.

Don’t worry shape and size are no big issues you just accept yourself whatever you have and follow your dreams. But make sure a few points before a purchase is a Plethora Of Stylish, Affordable And Flattering Clothes.

Before going with any legging don’t go with two minds one is clinging to the body and improves the curves in all the wrong places.

Legging For Curvy Figure

Best Legging For Curvy Figure for Women’s 2020

SO, here we present a comprehensive list of best leggings for a curvy figure. That all are fir perfectly on your body like your second skin.

These leggings fulfill your all requirements like “comfortable, affordable, stylish, and smooth, stretchable. Which will help you to stretch beyond the limit without distracting you. And allows you to concentrate on your yoga, gym, running, and attend parties.

For making this comprehensive guide our team took 6 days. To research, read reviews, practical tests after that shortlist the best legging for you. Each legging has its unique quality so must read carefully.

So without wasting your time here we go…

Best Curvy Figure Leggings




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Joan Cropped Legging

Ideal for Curvy Figure Ladies

No cons for curvy figure ladies.

Bombshell Badass Legggings

Our Top Pick For Curvy FIgure

No Cons

SATINA High Waisted Leggings

Little bit see-through

Some time got camel toe

Leggings Depot Yoga Leggings

Ultimate combination of comfort and support.

green color legging a little bit see-through.

Velvety Super Soft Legging

Lightweight breathable, and moisture-wicking


Fengbay 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings

Incredible compression and fitness technology 

Fabric is balling up.

Gayhay Tummy Control Yoga Pants

Counter your curves easily.

Too thin, too soft.

EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants

No Camel Toe

See through

SYRINX High Waisted Leggings for Women

Full elastic wide waistband.
Extra length on top.

White color legging a little bit see-through.

Jiaqusport Leggings 

Ideal for yoga, running, cycling, body fitness, and other sports.

No COns

Ideal For Curvy Figure:- Joan Cropped Legging:

This is really weird if you never hear about before Joan Cropped is the best leggings for curvy women. It comes with a very chic, comfortable, body-flattering, stylish design.

For making is more smooth, soft, and durable Joan made this legging with spandex, elastane, and modal which helps to increase comfortability while worn. With this legging, no worry about see-through, fit perfectly on your skin.

A user name Sami says that “She searches for curvy legging for almost from last 6 months for her and try some legging also but not a single one provides that comfort. Then her husband gifts her this legging is not only a perfect fit for her curvy figure even gives her confidence. Especially its mid-waist tummy tucker design to provide grip on the back and tummy, delivering you complete support and coverage. One of the best black pants for curvy figure.

A user praises the quality and impresses with its smoothness, super comfortable, and double stitching gives this legging long life. 

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Joan Cropped Leggings before purchase:

  • Overall rating: 4.1
  • Non-see though.
  • Breathable.
  • 4 way Stretch.
  • High Waist.
  • Cropped.
  • Machine Wash.
  • Easy pull-on.
  • Comfort fit.
  • No cons for curvy figure ladies.

Our Top Pick:- Bombshell Badass Plus-Size Leggings

If you seriously getting frustrated to finding the best curvy figure legging for you. Then you no need to go anywhere this Bombshell never let you down.

All Bombshell Leggins are designed to keep curvy figure ladies in mind. Before manufacture, they do a deep study about “What actually curvy figure ladies facing issues”? and then take suggestions from confident curvy women suggestions then launching their plus size leggings in the market.

These leggings are perfectly designed to stay in place, never settle down after a month of use and washes. Manufactured with high-quality rich soft Italian fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking.

It comes with 4 striking dye sublimation prints which not only add color even add some style and fun.

It’s quite difficult to find of triple stitch inseam hem, split-proof surged seams, and 4-way stretch, breathable, comfortable, stretchable, quirky curvy figure legging at this price range.

Also features a high-rise waistband so no fear of rolling down and perfect fitting gives you the confidence to practice hard yoga pose.

Easy machine wash and not so much issue to take the case, therefore this egging is definitely ideal for curvy figure ladies.

One user Chaotic says that “The size is a bit small maybe she need one size bigger legging. But she loves the quality colors, constructed, opaque -always-, and made in the USA. Worth the price.

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Bombshell Badass Leggings before purchase:

  • Overall 4.5 Star rating.
  • The Italian fabric is used.
  • 4-way stretch.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • 28-inch inseam unstretched, 32 inches when worn.
  • Triple stitch hems and waistband.
  • Split-proof serged seams.
  • 20% spandex, 80% polyester.
  • Dye Sublimation Print.
  • Breathable.
  • Nooo see-through.
  • Little bit see-through.
  • Make sure about the size before purchase.

Ideal For All Figure: SATINA High Waisted Leggings

If you are looking for curvy + high-waisted both features in one legging then this one is ideal for you because it not only comfortably highlights even accentuates your natural curves.

SATINA High Waisted Leggings - 25 Colors - Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim

The most common problem in leggings after some wash is its falling down and the high waistband is a perfect way to prevent your legging from rolling down.

It soft peach skin fabric material gives you stylish looks and takes your comfortability to next level.

It comes with full-length leggings so whatever your figure has SATINA Leggins are supportive and complimentary for all sizes and body types. Built high-quality sweat-wicking fabric, and thick enough to allow you to pose the trickiest pose during yoga without fear of see-through.

Shelby says that “She uses this legging for everyday wear. But she is quite uncomfortable with the butt shape of legging that why she wears full length to cover butt, however, you want to revel then great for you. The best thing is very soft and comfortable”.

Almost 70%+ users praise the quality of the leggings, give a 5-star rating, and recommend trying once especially curvy figures.

Even Tracey enjoys using SATINa legging and says that this is really soft and long enough. Rich color, stretchable, super soft but sometimes got a camel toe but the long shirt is the best solution overall worth the price.

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about SATINA High Waisted Leggings before purchase:

  • Almost 32000+ reviewers praise the quality.
  • 70%+ users give 5-star ratings.
  • Overall rating 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.
  • High waisted waistband.
  • Accentuates and Highlights your natural curves.
  • Made with 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.
  • Figure flattering and supportive.
  • Provide the ideal balance of comfort and support.
  • Thick, breathable, and Non-See Through.
  • High-quality sweat-wicking fabric.
  • Some time got camel toe.
  • Be aware of color.

Leggings Depot Yoga Leggings

Its really wonder you order a product and you get the incredible product quality at a cheap price. Yeah, a very rare case to happens but with this legging you really feel out of the world.

A user feeling the same “She really happy and wonderful get this legging. She had ankle surgery so Doctor suggests wearing some soft and thin clothes, then a friend suggested her this legging and she order 4 colors, a little bit disappointed with the gray color but the other 3 are great.

Light gray are see-through so I don’t recommend using. It features a high-waistband which helps to keep the legging in place and prevent rolling down. It comes with a great combination of Spandex and polyester that are famous to gives butter-soft tock peach skin legging.

These leggings are famous to provide enough support and comfort during every kind of yoga session. Also great for nigh occasions, parties, shopping, or daily wear.

The combination of Spandex and polyester not only allows you to move freely without fear of tear even thick enough so no worries about see-through.

Legging Depot offers more than 40 color options in different sizes, so whatever figure you have this legging never let you down.

A user Miami says that at 9$ it is really awesome. The green color is a little bit see-through even without bending. These are really nice, soft, and fit perfectly without squishing or pinching too much. Definitely, I’ll buy some other colors also.

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Leggings Depot Leggings before purchase:

  • 12000+ users will praise the quality.
  • In 12000+ users more than 70% of users give a 5-star rating.
  • Overall rating 4.4 stars.
  • Ultra Soft Premium Fabric.
  • Made with a blend of buttery-soft brushed polyester and spandex.
  • fabric is soft, and silky.
  • Not tight in the waist.
  • 4-way stretch.
  • Offer more than 40 different colors.
  • Ultimate combination of comfort and support.
  • green color legging a little bit see-through.

Velvety Super Soft Lightweight Legging 2-Pack

 Velvety leggings are loaded with high-quality features that make is more comfortable and durable. It is made with a combination of polyester and spandex fabric which make it lightweight and give exceptional fitting quality.

If you have a curvy figure and looking for legging which allows you to practice yoga then Felina Velvety soft legging is perfect legging for you. Because it is manufactured with super soft peached polyester fabric that makes it ultra stretchy, more breathable, 4-way stretchy even add mobility and non-see-through features take your yoga session to the next level.

Carefully add a mid-rise silhouette just under the belly bottom, for giving natural feeling and contouring effect, without awkward tension. Astonishing for all figure ladies with an exclusive size range covering from XS thru XXL.

The ideal gift for that special woman in your life. A user Sara says that “I was really happy to find and purchase this legging from Amazon. Actually, I had a little bit of a big butt and feel shy while practicing yoga in see-through legging it distracted by the mind.

And getting frustrated with legging rolling down. I am using this legging for the last 8-10 days really soft, lightweight, no see-through, no rolling down issue even helps me to concentrate on yoga.

It’s my pajama bottoms too. I checked every pair I purchased for manufacture defect before I washed them, they all looked great. I highly recommend these!

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Velvety Leggings before purchase:

  • More than 3500 users give reviews.
  • Out of 3500+ users, more than 80% of users give 5 Star rating.
  • Overall rating 4.5 stars.
  • Made with 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex.
  • Mid-rise silhouette.
  • Lightweight and breathable, moisture-wicking material.
  • Elasticized waistband.
  • Blend of style and comfort.
  • High stretch for a perfect fit.
  • See-through.

Fengbay 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings

Fengbay yoga leggings come with a great combination of 4-way stretch, good elasticity, and non-see-through fabric which make is an idea for running, yoga, workout, or everyday use.

Fengbay made each legging with incredible compression and fitness technology that will improve your blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

These Fengbay yoga leggings are manufactured from a high-quality fabric that offers sweat absorption, lightweight comfort, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying features that make them unique from all leggings.

To reduce chafing and eliminating irritation it comes with excellent interlock seams that are geat for wearability and supreme comfort.

An honest user Fabian says that “I can’t tell you how much I love this legging, yeah it looks eel little small on me. When I first unboxing it they stretch incredibly and when I was wear if fir erectly on me and counter each curve very sharply and very hard to see-through as compared to other leggings at this price range.

A user Elizabeth says that “Definitely I recommend you to purchase just because it stays in place, no-see through, no camel toe, comfortable, durable, stretchable, and allow me to do hard yoga poses. 

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Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Fengbay 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings before purchase:

  • Almost 11000+ users review.
  • In 11000+ users more than 80 %+ users give 5 star rating.
  • 4 Way Stretch.
  • Non-See-through Fabric.
  • Hidden waistband.
  • Inner pocket.
  • Wide waistband contours your curves.
  • Moisture Wicking.
  • Sweat absorption.
  • Quick drying.
  • Interlock seams to overcome irritation and reduce chafing.
  • Supreme comfort and wearability.
  • Fabric is balling up.
  • Fabric shrink after some wash.

Gayhay Tummy Control Yoga Pants

Gayhay design yoga pants to keep workout, yoga, running, training, weights in mind that offers you function, fusion, and incredible performance. Super soft and ultra-durable features take your yoga session to next level.


It comes with extra length on top that helps to cover your tummy and high waistband helps to stay in place, legging is not too thick and too thin it will make you look slim.

The most incredible thing about fabric is after wash it retains its original shape and size without fading the color.

High-quality material and elastic fabric are famous for offers the best comfort and protection during every movement and pose.

And 2 pockets are enough to carry your mobile phone or other important items.

A user Jaleh says that “Soo much soft and comfortable. The pockets are secure and ideal for my iPhone. After each size guide, I order XXL but I thing XL fits more perfectly on me. I have a big butt and trying to lose weight hope I loose-fitting as soon as possible. So I don’t be afraid to order a small size in the future.”

Alycia says that “These leggings would be excellent with a tunic and boots too”

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Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about Gayhay Tummy Control Yoga Pants before purchase:

  • Almost 3000+ reviewers praise the quality.
  • 70%+ users give 5-star ratings.
  • Overall rating 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Body-hugging fit.
  • Offers 20 epic color options.
  • Made with 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.
  • Completely 4-way stretch.
  • No worries about see-through.
  • Counter your curves easily.
  • Ideal for curvy figure ladies.
  • Two side pockets.
  • Soft, comfortable, elastic, and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Too thin, too soft.

EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants

EttelLut leggings pants are classic pair which will withstand rough wash or wear tear even undergoing through a vigorous workout.

Made with the premium quality material of 92% cotton and 8% spandex is a perfect fit for you and becomes your best workout or yoga, partner. With this legging, you can follow the latest fashion and trend.

It comes with the blend of comfortability, smoothness, durability, and a wide waistband for never rolling down. It comes in many epic color options so whatever color you wear on top EttelLut offers you many color opportunities that easily match on your outfits.

A user Tiffany says that “These are the mixture of spandex and cotton, exactly what I want. I am happy with the navy blue color and satisfies with its appearance, sewing, color, and material. The only issue in size chart and sizing.

My height is 5’3′, weighs 100 pounds, and has a 24.5′ waist and 34′ hips or I follow the sizing chart and order S size but it’s too tight I think I need M size pant. Whatever worth the price and definitely recommend to purchase and use.”

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants before purchase:

  • Almost 2500+ reviewers praise the quality.
  • 60%+ users give 5-star ratings.
  • Overall rating 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Blend of premium quality material of 92 Cotton and 8 Spandex.
  • Available in different sizes and color options.
  • Breathable, stretchable, and comfortable.
  • Waitband is wide enough.
  • Super comfy, soft material.
  • No camel toe.
  • Sees through.

SYRINX High Waisted Leggings for Women

The SYRINX comfort high waistband leggings are a must-have. Our leggings are made from a cotton-blend fabric with a touch of spandex for easy, comfy wear.

SYRINX High Waisted Leggings for Women

Cut in a high-rise silhouette with a slim fit and finished with a full elastic wide waistband, tummy control broad waistband contours your curves, and streamlines your shape.

There is a big issue to curvy ladies what to wear daily. And every woman wants to look stylish and comfortable at an affordable price. This legging gives you double protection from legging down first is high waistband and second is the extra length of the top helps hold the legging on the tummy.

The big fear of curvy women while wear any pant is see-through & camel toe, and I read almost 20-30 review not a single women face such terrible issues.

It also features a 4-way stretch that will offer incredible comfort and protection while practicing yoga.

SYRINX leggings are not only best for workout, gym, running, or yoga even you can wear casually and hanging with your friends.

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about SYRINX High Waisted Leggings for Women before purchase:

  • Leggings for Women before purchase:
  • Almost 1700+ reviewers praise the quality.
  • 65%+ users give 5-star ratings.
  • Overall rating 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.
  • Available in red, burgundy, black, gray, light gray, dark gray, blue, white, mustard, navy blue, and sizes.
  • Made with a blend of cotton and spandex.
  • Cut in a high-rise silhouette.
  • Full elastic wide waistband.
  • Extra length on top.
  • Non-see-through fabric.
  • Four-way stretch.
  • White color legging a little bit see-through.

Jiaqusport Leggings 

Jiaqusport leggings are one of the best leggings for curvy figure ladies, it crosses several tests and quality checks to provide you enough comfort and balance.

It comes with a great combination of high waist, double band and compressive design offer additional support and helps to hold to heavy-bottomed women.

Built with a blend of polyester and spandex to make it more smooth and soft.

Available in two stunning color options in S, M, L, XL. It is famous for stretchy and non-see-through features that allows you to do hard moves and yoga pose without fear of see-through during bending.

A user Shaina gives a 5-star rating and enjoy the comfort, support, coverage, and incredibly long life. As a bonus it has 2 pockets therefore we confidently say that this is not a bad investment for you.

Some Pros & Cons You Should Know about SYRINX High Waisted Leggings for Women before purchase:

  • Designed with high-waist.
  • Tummy control wide waistband.
  • Non see-through.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Breathable.
  • Stretchy fabric.
  • Full-Length Legging.
  • Ideal for yoga, running, cycling, body fitness, and other sports.
  • No Cons

How tight should your workout leggings be?

It completely depends on your clothing behavior or the purpose of wear workout legging. The workout divides into 3 parts first is normal or warmup, the second is an intermediate or heavy workout, and the third and last one is an intense workout or beyond the limit.

If you practice intense workout then must go with a legging that fits like a second skin. Or if you have a belly the go with some bigger size legging. Wearing the wrong size is a really big issue so make sure before pick any legging must-read size chart.

Because too tight legging chocks the blood circulation and won’t allow moving freely. The other side too loose legging means rolling down and needs to pull up, again and again, is really irritating.

How to find the best workout leggings for a curvy figure?

There are several things must consider before purchase a legging for curvy figure ladies:


Must go with synthetic material like polyester and nylon fabric because these are famous for stretching, durability, and comfortability and cotton are famous for absorbing sweat and moisture. The smooth shiny soft fabric will reduce the chafing, friction and allows you to move freely.


If you want to reduce irritation form movement and sweating then must go with seams leggings. And make sure that legging comes with some extra fabric around the crotch area to protect them from riding up.

Legging Stays in Place:

Highwaist legging is an ideal choice if you really want to concentrate on your workout instead of rolling down then go with high waistband leggings.

Non-See Through

Before purchase, any legging must go with bright colors and try to bend on the knees if the skin is visible then try the next one. Because see-through lose your confidence while practicing yoga or workout and no buddy wants to expose any body parts.

No Camel Toe

Camel toe is another big issue so before purchase must try to wear if it visible then try the next one.

Sweat Wicking and 4-Way stretch:

Usually, workout leggings are made for moisture-wicking but some fabric won’t. To check is legging is sweat-proof then do a simple test by pouring a small amount of water on it and check is fabric absorb quickly and spread out. And 4-way stretch adds more value and allows you to move freely without fear of tear down.


Right now you think that why pockets but I’ll make sure in future you need a pocket to carry mobile phones or cards and keys.

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