Best Yoga Mat for Men in 2021

Best Yoga Mat For Men in 2020

As we all know that yoga is best for all Men and Women, Yeah! as compare to men 80% more women are practice yoga. But Men also need a yoga mat. Maximum brands design yoga mat on the basis of women’s requirements and very few amounts consider men’s requirements. 

Therefore we are here made a comprehensive guide of “Best Yoga Mat For Men” whose not only fulfill men’s requirements even take their yoga journey at the next level.

Men’s always looking for more length, height, moisture resistance, and more strong and durable yoga mat and normal yoga mat won’t satisfy them.

Many unisex yoga mats are also available in the market but these mats are also not satisfied even men also prefer quite a different color than a women yoga mat.

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What Men’s Are Looking First In Yoga Mat?


Men’s height is more than normal women than men required taller and longer yoga mat who covers the complete body. I simple words men need a big yoga mat than the normal one.


Thickness is directly proportional to cushioning to your joints and grip. The thicker yoga mat offers more cushioning, or if you face-sensitive knees problem then at least go with 6mm thick. You can also go with 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch is great for joint support.

The thicker yoga mat tends to stretch while you practicing pose like a downward dog. Moreover, the thickness of your mat impact on the grip because thicker mats lead to sinking in a little more that helps you to stay in place on the mat.

When it comes to men yoga mat then definitely you need a thicker yoga mat. Because men’s weight is quite more than the women, and regular yoga mat won’t have enough strength to bear weight. Even not providing the required cushion and grip. Must recommend men to get with thick yoga mats.


Grip it the major factor in both men’s and women cases, the more grip you get more hard poses you do. But as compare to women men sweat a lot than men’s need more sticky yoga mat.

If you are a sweaty guy then you have to focus on the grip of your mat. Otherwise, you need to use a yoga towel on the top of your mat if you find your hand and palms are extra sweaty.

Alternatively, you can go with a combo Yoga Mat + Towel type yoga mat that allows you to practice during sweaty hands and palms.


Men’s weight is also high as compared to women than men’s need a more durable yoga mat who able to bear the overall weight.


Everything of yoga mat depends on the material, its feel, bounce, sustainability, and tenacity. PVC is the most common yoga mat but not that popular. We did not recommend a PVC mat because of the number of health and sustainability issues. And if you want to keep safe from harmful chemicals and improve your yoga journey then prefer sustainable mats like rubber, cork, cotton, jute, cotton, and TPE. Make sure to buy only non-latex or non PVC yoga mats.


As we all know the number of practicing yoga is women more than men. Therefore all yoga mat companies designed and manufactured yoga mat keep women in mind. Then the standard length of a yoga mat is not more than 68 inches. SO if you are taller than 5’8″ then you may need minimum 72 inches yoga mat.


Texture of the yoga mat is also playing important to provide you the right amount of grip. If you like to practice yoga barefoot then texture not only helps to reduce the amount of sliding and slipping even feel you more comfortable. If you buy smooth yoga then chances to face falling and slipping issues on the other hand rough, organic, or man-made yoga mat offer more grip.


There is a huge difference in color selection between men and women, usually, women prefer some light and glittery color but men prefer dark or maybe hard colors.


Men don’t have much interest and time to maintain and wash the mat on a regular basis, they just throw the mat in the washing machine and use it again. So the mat must be washable.

Your Yoga Style:

The type of yoga you do is really matters while picking up the yoga mat. Most of the yoga mat in the market is made for the non-heated type of yoga sessions. So if you prefer doing hot yoga then must go with a yoga mat then works well during hot yoga sessions.

List of Best Yoga Mat for Men In 2020…

1. Best Brand

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

One of the best leading brands in the Yoga Industry. Perfectly designed to provide you exceptional performance, vast performance grip, extra cushioning, more durable with the extra-long side that easily fits on any size of a man.

User Experience:
Best Brand Manduka PRO Yoga Mat For Men

Sunil says that “I am using this mat from last 6 months yeah quite expensive and I invest lots of money on it, but the truth is I am investing in brand, not on a yoga mat. 

Before that, I used 3-4 yoga mats but not work well for me then because I am a bit healthy and the weighted person then my yoga instructor recommend this yoga mat but this is really expensive. 

Then I take a risk and purchase to invest from my saving but now I am happy to purchase really worth it.

Truly tell you that I have to know idea how to measure the quality but I’ll make sure that it provides me enough grip and allows me to hold the pose longer period of time without slipping and slick during yoga and its bear my weight from last 6 months then it proofs that mat is very durable and long-lasting.

Reasons To Buy

  • Branded Manduka Yoga Mat.
  • 4.5* Rating high-quality product.
  • From 3000 users 78% of users give 5* rating.
  • 7. 5 lbs light in weight.
  • Dimensions: 85″ x 26″; 6 mm thick
  • Ideal for healthy and heightened people.
  • Provide enough cushioning.
  • It comes with high-quality grip finishing that improves with the time.
  • Features a closed-cell surface.
  • OEKO-TEX certified.
  • Eco-friendly, 100% latex free & Nontoxic.
  • Sweat resistance.
  • Definitely PRO yoga mat.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Available in 14 beautiful color options.
  • Leave smell at the beginning.
  • Bit bulky.
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2. Best for Beginner

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

The Liforme Yoga Mat offers exceptional comfort, cushioning, and grip to your daily yoga practice. It comes with a unique AlighFor Me concept that effectively guides yogis of all shapes and sizes. Mat is longer and wider than the normal yoga mat and provide enough stability and cushioning. 

User Experience:

Lifeforme yoga mat best for beginner

John says that “I really love this yoga mat it’s not only thick, grippy, and supportive even allow me to hold the pose for a longer period of time. 

I purchase an expensive mat because I take registration in hot yoga classes and I sweat a lot so I don’t want to deal with a yoga towel or other accessories. 

So rather than purchasing multiple yoga towels, I prefer an expensive quality yoga mat. It absorbs sweat and dries very fast but the sweaty marks are easily visible on a yoga mat.

Reasons To Buy

  • Branded Liforme Yoga Mat.
  • 4.7* star rating high-quality product.
  • More than 1000 users praise the quality.
  • Ideal for Men’s.
  • Dimensions: 72.8″ x 26.8″ x 0.16″.
  • It comes with yoga mat bags.
  • Advanced Grip.
  • Engineered with Patented Alignment System Marks.
  • Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, and PVC Free.
  • Durable material, Non-Toxic & Body Kind.
  • Longer and Wider.
  • Offers perfect grip from both top and bottom sides.
  • The line helps me to pose in a proper position.
  • Best Yoga Mat for Men.
  • Need to be more padded at some position.
  • Not enough cushioning at the hard floor.
  • Expensive.
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3. Best Eco-Friendly

Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Heathyoga collects the motivation from the professional yoga teachers and yogis and designs every yoga mat under the guidance of experienced yogis. It comes with alignment line so now no more need to check your hand and feet positions during practice just concentrate on your yoga. 

User Experience:

Best Eco Friendly Heathyoga non slip yoga mat

Ajay says that “this is a really brilliant yoga mat, Heathyoga really put lots of effort and energy into designing this mat. Everyone recommend me to buy expensive but I try this one and am happy. 

Durable, comfortable, and thick enough to do extended yin practice pose with excellent grip during hot yoga sessions. This mat is wider than the normal yoga mat so guys this is for lengthy persons. One of the best things is the alignment lines it’s really helpful for me. 

I am a little disappointed at the beginning because it leaves a very weird smell and dissipates after a few days.

Reasons To Buy

  • Manufacture by leading Brand Heathyoga.
  • 4.4* star rating high-quality product.
  • 3000+ users praise the quality.
  • More than 72% user gives 5* rating.
  • Extra Large Size: 72″(183cm) x 26″ (65cm); Thickness: 6mm;
  • Weight: 2.8lb (Approx).
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, free from harmful chemicals.
  • Anti-tear Middle-mesh Layer for Durability.
  • Features a body alignment system.
  • It comes with a double layer structure.
  • Offers perfect grip, superior cushioning, and double-sided non-slip texture.
  • SGS Certified TPE Material.
  • Carry Strap, and Velcro Strap Included.
  • Great customer service.
  • Weird smell while unboxing {but disappear after few days}.
  • Scratches very easily.
  • Little bit slippery.
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4. Best for Lengthy Men

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series dynaMAT Xtra-Wide Mat

dynaMat is perfectly designed for lengthy and wider than a normal yoga mat, manufactured with long-wearing PVC, fully reversible mat completely free from six harmful phthalates, chemical. 

It comes with 5mm thickness with a sticky non-slipping surface that offers enough traction, cushioning, and foundation yogis needed for balance, stability and hold the pose longer period of time. 

User Experience:

Gaiam Athleat Series Yoga Mat Ideal for Lenghty Men

Kevin says that “I am 6 inches 3 feet lengthy person, I already order 2 yoga mats before the return without using because I purchase before reading specification when it comes both are not fit on me. 

Its perfectly fit on me but make sure that if you think to practice hot yoga on it then must be cover it with a towel to protect it. It’s really too sticky while you unroll it makes a very loud sound and everyone like what is this? 

Otherwise very comfortable and allows me to concentrate on yoga without any trouble.

Reasons To Buy
  • 4.4 Star rating yoga mat.
  • 150+ users praise the quality.
  • If you lengthy person then this is for you.
  • Dimensions: 78 inch L x 26 inch W x 5mm
  • Thick enough to feel you grounded.
  • Perfect of lengthy men.
  • Beautiful two reversible colors.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Ideal for hot yoga.
  • Very durable, comfortable, and reliable.
  • Perfect for heights 5 feet 10 inch and over
  • No color options
  • Too sticky.
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5. Best Budget


Before manufacturing, Toplus read all customer positive and negative feedbacks and after deep research decides to focus on the customer need:
Anti-slip surface
Double-sided structure
or many more…

Then Toplus decide to make an updated version of a normal yoga mat. They find that as compare to NBR and PVC material, TPE mats have more flexibility, durability, and resilience, and fulfill the yogis need. Easy to fold and lightweight make it more convenient to carry anywhere.

User Experience

Best Budget friendly Toplus yoga mat for men

Alen says that “when I use this first time my sensitive knees feel that more thickness is needed but after a week use I realize that it works for me and thick enough too. 

Yes, I prefer eco-friendly yoga mats but against destroying the plants. I don’t have money to spend too much and am happy with Toplus Eco yoga mat its affordable and offers excellent grip. I am 5Ft 11 Inch lengthy male and sweat a lot so minor slipping when I sweat but simply wipe it and again enjoy anti-slip surface. 

This mat is really supportive and thick for me as compared to another yoga mat at this price range, Fast drying and hold by yoga blocks for a longer period of time, I personally recommend for a beginner.

Reasons To Buy
  • 4.5-Star Rating high-quality yoga mat.
  • 1500+ users recommend purchasing.
  • 75% user praise the quality.
  • Dimensions: 72-inch x 24-inch x 6mm
  • Weight: 32 Oz
  • Made with TPE material.
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Updated anti-slip surface design
  • Eco-friendly and Pocket-friendly.
  • 100% recycled material.
  • 1/4 thickness for good cushioning and resilience.
  • Double-sided non-slip structure.
  • Waterproof, easy to clean, wipe it and use.
  • Light in weight Easy to take anywhere.
  • Skin and nature friendly.
  • 8 beautiful vibrant color options.
  • Not too thick not too thin.
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6. Best Yoga Mat For Sensitive Knees Men

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga Extra Thick Yoga Mat for Sensitive Knees

It’s double-sided non-slip surface feature specially designed for men, that why this mat takes a position in this”Best Yoga Mat for Men” list. 

BalanceFrom yoga mat introducing with exceptional slip resistance quality to prevent from injuries. Fully featured with moisture resistance technology that makes yoga mt easy to clean with soap and water.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.3 Start Rating high-quality yoga mat.
  • 27000+ users give praise the quality.
  • 70%+ users suggest to buy.
  • Dimensions: 71″ long 24″ Thickness: 1/2”
  • Free carry strap.
  • Double sided non-slip surfaces.
  • Premium exercise yoga mat.
  • Excellent resilience.
  • Advanced Moisture resistant technology.
  • Non-slip traction.
  • Carrying strap.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Mat is loud.
  • Cushioning makes your pose challenging.
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7. Best Yoga Mat For Traveller Men

YOGO Ultralight Yoga Mat

Made with 100% pure natural tree rubber. YOGO don’t want to hurt and impact on the nature that why they are making this mat using sustainably harvested tree rubber. 

YOGO Ultralight yoga mat for for travelling men

This yoga mat has a very long time because made with pure natural ingredients, completely free from PVC, EPA, PER, PU, or TPE. This rubber yoga mat is extremely grippy and non-skid. IT never loses the grip during yoga practice and feels you grounded. 

It comes in beautiful portable attached straps that look like a handy bag. Slim rubber gives exceptional stability and still gives basic cushioning for your forearms, knees, and other parts of your body.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.4* Rating product.
  • 500+ users admire quality.
  • 72% users give a five-star rating.
  • Best Travel Yoga Mat of Men who mostly travel.
  • Portable and weighs only 2.1 lbs.
  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Eco-friendly, free form harmful.
  • Rubber yoga mat really grippy.
  • Slim rubber gives superior stability.
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean.
  • Constructed with high-grip tree rubber.
  • No need for extra strap and bag.
  • Cushioning for your forearms, knees, and other parts of your body.
  • Too thin for regular use.
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8. Thick Self Rolling

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

It comes with innovative unique concept self-rolling so no more need yoga strap and bag, just flip and automatically rolls the mat. 5mm thickness cushion, soft and comfortable enough. 

Extremely silky and grippy the more yoga sweat more grip you get thanks to its built-in technology of the smooth top layer. 

The bottom layer has the quality to stick with the floor and offers non-slip yoga sessions.

User Experience:

Backlash Yoga Mat

Shwan says that “I am new in yoga so no idea about yoga mat too but I definitely say that this yoga mat is for me because it offers enough cushion to my sensitive knees. 

Perfectly stick with the floor and won’t slip, obviously thicker than the standard yoga mats, it works well with sweaty hands and feet and allows me to concentrate on yoga. 

At the beginning it slick but once I use regularly it turns grip well. In simple words “Very nice. Cushy lays flat and then rolls up flawlessly”.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4.1* Star rating yoga mat.
  • 1000+ users enjoy quality.
  • 55%+ users recommend to purchase and use.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 72 inches
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Latex-free, PVC-free, and designed for sustainability.
  • Innovative automatic rolling feature.
  • 5mm thick soft and comfortable.
  • Built-in technology of the soft top layer.
  • Bottom layer grip perfectly with the floor.
  • No more bag and strip required.
  • Yoga teacher approved.
  • Little bit sipper at the beginning.
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9. Eco-Friendly TPE

Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Ewedoos yoga mat is perfectly designed with advanced eco-friendly TPE material (Thermoplastic Elastomers), offers excellent durability, stretchability, and low modulus.

It comes with a helpful alignment line that allows you to do proper poses with a concentration on your hand and feet and keep the body in proper alignment. Additionally features a dual-sided non-slip surface with wavy underside floor grips.

A desire to improve, a sense of purpose, and a mat that will encourage and support your asanas and transitions. Its grippy surface prevents slipping and allows you to hold the pose for a longer period of time.

User Experience:

Danielle says that “Incredible! this yoga mat gives complete support and cushion to my knees and perfect grip while I am practicing hot yoga. And its alignment marks are really helpful for me and takes my yoga journey at the next level. Ewedoos yoga mat is perfectly designed and worth for money.

Reasons To Buy:

  • High-quality Ewedoos yoga mat.
  • 2000+ users review and recommend to buy.
  • 75% of users praise the quality and give a 5-star rating.
  • Dimensions 72 x 24 x 1/2 inches.
  • Light in weight.
  • Carry strap includes.
  • Made with Eco-friendly TPE Material.
  • Offers superior durability.
  • It comes with a proper alignment system.
  • Double-sided non-slip surfaces.
  • High-quality grippy texture.
  • Available in 2 beautiful colors.
  • Free for harmful chemicals.
  • Little bit slippery but not make a huge impact on your sessions.
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10. Optimal Cushion

IUGA Yoga Mat Non-Slip Textured Surface Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

IUGA uses the advanced technology SGS certified TPE material for improvement to the traditional yoga mats. Skin-friendly and far away from harmful chemicals like PVC, latex, NBR. It comes with a double-sided non-slippy surface to giving to confidence during practice.

Additionally features a bone pattern bottom side of the mat to prevent from sliding. Eco-friendly, natural TPE mat is free from a powerful lingering smell like other mats have. Moreover, its 1/4 inch extra padded cushion not only reduces the impact on your joints even comfortable for your knees, hips, elbows yet offer excellent resilience and grip.

User Experience:

Sydnee says that “I just sign up in yoga and trying many yoga mats from thicker to thinner but not satisfied with earlier yoga mats. But talk about this yoga mat is really incredible, i am using this from the last 2 weeks great grip, perfect cushion, and support. I like the color of the mat and worth the price.

Reason To Buy:

  • Branded IUGA yoga mat.
  • 1000+ users review positive and recommend to purchase.
  • 4.5-star rating high-quality yoga mat for men.
  • Dimensions: 72″x 24″x 6mm
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds
  • Carry strap includes.
  • Keep with the floor and not move around.
  • It has a great grip on the top of the mat.
  • Very smooth and comfortable.
  • Dual-sided non-slip surfaces.
  • 1/4 inch high-density padding.
  • SGS Certified and Eco-Friendly Material.
  • Free for harmful chemicals like PVC and latex.
  • It comes with two carrying options, a bag or a shoelace type carrier.
  • Slippery when wet.
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11. Best Durability

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

Retrospec Solana 1 inch yoga mat perfectly designed for men’s yoga and exercise and encourage you to achieve the proper balance and pose goal. It made from non-toxic and BPA-free material does not only help to relives stress on pressure even easy to clean.

1-inch thickness is enough to provide more support on your neck, knees, and joints and reduce the risk of pain or injury. Many users impressed with the thickness and durability of the mat, ideal for daily home and studio practice.

The main thing we like the most is easy to clean features because men did not clean the mat regularly even use very harshly. With this mat use just need to mix gentle soap and wipe the mat clean and hang it to dry.

User Experience:

John says that I really love the thickness of this mat, few months ago I hurt my knees. I am really scared to start again yoga because I try many yoga mats, but no one provides enough cushion to my knees. Then after a lot of research, I came across this mat. I found that the mat is smell really weird at the beginning, but after some time it fades away.

Reasons To Buy:

Available in 1 & 1/2 inch thickness.
5300+ users review and recommend to buy.
75% of users give 5 Star Rating.
Dimensions: 72″ X 24″ X 1″

  • Extra thick for more balance and comfort.
  • Made with non-slip material.
  • Famous for durability.
  • Keeps you steady and balanced.
  • Free of Phthalate, heavy metals, and latex.
  • Decorated with a nylon carrying strap.
  • Leaves a weird smell.
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Why Men’s Yoga Mats are different than Women Yoga Mat?

As we all know yoga is ideal for both men and women, men have more stamina than women, and women have more flexibility than men. So few things many professionals find out the difference between men and women yoga mat. Many problems face men while practicing yoga on a normal yoga mat

  1. Men are longer than normal women. Therefore men need a big yoga mat than the women, regular practitioners will understand. 
  2. Men are healthy than normal women. So keep in mind normal yoga mat not able to give you a sufficient cushioning effect for men 
  3. The third factor maybe not important for you but the design also impacts your yoga performance. Women can practice yoga on a pink mat but men will feel uncomfortable with design.

6 Things Consider Before Buying Men’s Yoga Mat

# Must give priority quality over money

If you believe in a one-time investment then must give preference quality over money. Must focus on comfortability and durability then don’t overthink about money.

# Buy Bigger Yoga Mats

Purchase those mats who provide you enough space to practice yoga. There is a huge concept behind the length breadth of yoga mats so before buying not down the required dimensions. Make sure length, as well as width, also play an important role.

# Focus on Right Cushion and Thickness

Thickness is also a major factor because it offers support to your joints. The more thickness, the more cushion you get that allows you to practice with confidence without fear of sensitive knees. Thickness is a must if you have sensitive knees or heavy in weight. The right amount of thickness helps you to improve your yoga posture.

# Pick Alignment Lines Yoga Mat

One of the best ways to improve your yoga posture. Especially if you are a beginner then alignment lines allow you too stay focused and maintain your right pose.

# Durability & Portability also Major Factor

Find out a lightweight & Portable yoga mat that helps you in carrying anywhere. And durability improves the washing and dying quality even increase the life of a yoga mat.

# Buy Sticky Yoga Mat

If you don’t want to slip and fall during yoga sessions then must buy a sticky yoga mat. Because it helps you to stick with the mat give you more confidence. 

How often should I clean a yoga mat?

Don’t matter how frequently you use your yoga mat, but it will get sweaty, dirty, and maybe stinky with use. You practicing, laugh, talk, struggle, meditation, holding a pose, and sweat on your yoga mat, then mat reaches the point when you have to clean your yoga mat.

And if you really want to continue with your current yoga mat then it needs some extra care. Many experts and professional yogis suggest “You have to clean your yoga mat after every yoga session”.

For the long life of your yoga mat, you have to wash regularly and keep daily maintenance to enjoy the slip-free and clean practice.

What is the best thickness yoga mat for men?

Make sure that doesn’t go with a too thin or too thick yoga mat. As we all know thick yoga mat may hurt our joints and knees even won’t allow us to practice with confidence. In the case of too thick yoga mats, reduce the connection between body and earth. Yoga is all about the connection between mind, body, and earth. Too thick yoga mat makes your session bouncy and wobbly sensations. Therefore 1/4 inch thick yoga mat is ideal for any yoga session.

What are the common mistakes men doing when buying a yoga mat?

If you are looking for a yoga mat ti buying from Amazon then there are thousands of brands are available. However, if just order without examining the quality then it’s your big mistake. ASs we suggest some major factor keep in mind before purchasing any mat, it’s not only helps to find your ideal mat for you even improve your yoga pose and give to confidence. Here some common mistake every people doing before purchase any yoga mat:

  1. Purchase Heavy or Bulky Yoga Mat:

Most people want more cushion and support to their joints therefore they order thick yoga mat. But they forget that more thick is directly proportional to the more bulky yoga mat. Heavy mats are quite difficult to carry around. This is a really big issue if taking it for daily classes or travel. Thick mat quite difficult to roll and store. If you practice yoga at home then a heavy yoga mat is ideal for you but if you are going to take it our side daily then must go with some lighter weight mats.

2. Pick Wrong Size Yoga Mats:

Many kinds of yoga mat sizes are available in the market. If your height is like an average person then a standard yoga mat is ideal for you. Or if you are taller than the average person than must go with an extra-large yoga mat. Long means make sure that the mat enough to provide you complete space without the risk of falling down.

3. Pick Yoga Mat Based On Price Tag:

If you go with the cheapest yoga mat to save money or buy the most expensive and you think you get the world’s best yoga mat. Yes, price is a major factor to find our best yoga mat but not depends completely. You have to focus on other points and find out that it suits you or not. A very cheap yoga mat is a really bad investment that won’t give you long-lasting performance and broke down quickly. Or without investigate, invest in an expensive mat is also a bad decision.

4. Not Invest Time on Reading Reviews

Reading a review on a product is the smartest way to find out a high-quality best yoga mat. Because Amazon allows reviewing only that person who actually purchases and use the product. And customer share their experience “How well the product and quality?”. The star rating helps to make a decision and pick the best one which one is right for you. Therefore must read reviews, yeah its time consuming but helps to pick the best brand. 

How TO Clean Yoga Mat?

Make Your Own HomeMade DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

A motivated and dedicated yogi spends his precious time on a yoga mat to get a fit and healthy lifestyle. Use regularly at the studio, at home, and in a local park. What happens if your yoga mat is full of harmful germs, fungus, and bacteria.

You have to clean your yoga mat because dirty mat not deliver you a healthy lifestyle, maybe give you more ill, weak, nervousness, and bizarre feeling.

You can buy online readymade yoga mat spray available at a very cheap cost that is a quite easy and time-saving process. Or if you have time to Make Your Own HomeMade DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray:

Easy DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray Recipe

  • 1 Spray Bottle (2-4 Ounce)
  • Filtered Distilled Water (3/4 of spray bottle)
  • Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential Oil (2 drop)
  • Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil (2 drops)
  • Witch Hazel Or White Vinegar (1/4 of spray bottle)
  • Or If you want to make more Organic and Effective cleaner then also use: Lemon Essential Oil (2 drops)

Step 1: Take a spray bottle and fill 3/4 full with warm distilled water. If you practice daily and sweat a lot then you may need a larger spray bottle. Or if you are a beginner and practice very rarely then a smaller size of the bottle is probably fine.

Spray bottle filled with water for making DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Step 2: Now add the witch hazel with the distilled water for more cleaning oomph. You can also use vinegar (gives weird smell) if you don’t have witch hazel. Fill the entire bottle with witch hazel or vinegar.

Mix Witch Hazel With Water for Making Yoga Mat Cleaner

Step 3: Now it’ time to add your preferred essential oils. Usually, I used 2 drops of Lavender oil, 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil, if you need more or less depending on your requirements and sizes of the mat. If mistakenly spray became strong then dump some out and add more distilled water.

Mix essential oil with warm water and witch hazel for making DIY yoga mat cleanerMix essential oil with warm water and witch hazel for making DIY yoga mat cleaner

Step 4: Shake gently and directly spray on your yoga mat and wipe with a dry, clean cloth. After that hang your mat and let it dry before rolling.

Step 5: Use after every yoga session as desired.

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