Best Yoga Socks For Men & Women 2020

Today we are going to review “Best Yoga Socks”

Yoga socks are a secret weapon of every yogi that allows your bare feet to grip perfectly on mat or floor. If you are yogi then understand the pain, sliding during practice Downward Dog is the worst feeling.

Yoga is all about concentration, stretching, and connecting with yourself, but slipping won’t allow you to concentrate. It’s precisely designed with low-profile ballet, full-foot, or toes less style. These socks made from moisture-wicking, lightweight microfibre to keep your feet warm and cool and lets your downward dog to your final mountain pose without slipping.

Many fitness and sports persons prefer barefoot dance, racing, boxing, gym, or yoga class but make sure that naked legs mean virus, infections chances increase and footwear, like socks, is the best option for both slipping and virus. That’s why many yoga studios and gyms also strictly suggest using sticky socks.

Therefore we reviewed best yoga socks that protect your feet from infections and allows to you practice yoga without slipping.

Best Yoga Socks for Men & Women

Best For Women:

Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks for Yoga For Women

Best For Women; Ozaiic Non-Slip Socks for Yoga For WomenOzaiic yoga socks perfectly designed with a great combination of 93% high-quality cotton, 4% binding cloth, 3% spandex, and 100% silicon get an offer anti-slip surface at the bottom.

This slip-resistance design for yoga, dance, gym, boxing, kickboxing, trampoline, even also great for patients, pregnant women, and aged people.

Chris & Cassidy says that “order 2 pair of yoga socks and really love these yoga socks, perfectly it, very comfortable and offers enough amount of anti-slip surface.

We are not only using for yoga even wear these socks for a daily lifestyle like a slipper. Genuinely we wear them daily and still works well without losing its quality.




  • Made with pure cotton to absorb sweat.
  • Cross strap material quite thin.
  • Features a non-slip silicone grip.
  • Color is a little bit dull.
  • Expertly hand-stitching to make each sock durable and comfortable.
  • Easily washable by both hand and machine at a low temperature.
  • Ideal for yoga as well as daily lifestyle activities.
  • Ideal for patients and pregnant lady keep safe from slipping.
  • Criss-cross straps to hold the socks on your legs.
Amazon Ozaiic  $18.99

May 27th 2020

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    Best Toeless:

    Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women

    Best Toeless Hylea Yoga Socks for WomenHylaea aims to design exceptional socks that will take your yoga journey at the next level.

    It comes with non-slip silicone grips on the bottom that provide slip resistance surface and improve stability and balance and reduce the risk of slipping.

    Manufactured with pure cotton to improve sweat absorption quality and make it more comfortable than normal cotton. This eco-friendly yoga socks always keep you dry and its elastic fabric low shape design fits perfectly below the ankle, the elastic fabric is more comfortable while you wear the socks.

    Reviewer Feedback:

    Katrina says that “Best affordable yoga socks pair, super comfortable for my toes and helps to control my movements, easy to wash and comes with beautiful mesh bag.

    Jacq says that I love to do Bikram Yoga and irritated about sweat feet while sliding on the yoga mat, then I buy these yoga socks at least years ago.

    These socks work well from the last two years live with me as a yoga partner who always motivates me to practice harder yoga poses without fear of slipping.



    • Made with pure 80% cotton, 15% spandex, and 5% binding or cloth.
    • Toe area needs to re-adjust after a few minutes.
    • Hylaea yoga socks patent-pending now.
    • It comes with non-slip silicone gel at the bottom.
    • Feature an elastic strap prevent from falling off.
    • Eco-friendly yoga socks always keep your dry.
    • Yoga socks come in a mesh pocket.
    • Easily washable in the washing machine.
    • Comfy, soft, stretchable, durable.


    Amazon Hyalea $15.99

    May 27th 2020

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    Best Gripper Sock:

    Tuckeets Yoga Socks for Women

    Best Gripper Socks Tuckeets Yoga Socks for WomenTuckeets Toe-Free yoga socks are perfectly designed to provide complete freedom of movement during naked legs yoga practicing. Offer naked feeling and sensation with balance and stability features of grippy fitness socks.

    These yoga socks are famous for durability after multiple uses and wash it retain its quality and provide a non-slip surface. Eco-friendly, moisture-wicking, super soft material perfectly fits on your feet and always keep you dry and clean.

    Reviewer Feedback:

    A user Tim says that “my sister loves these socks, she uses these socks 3 times a week in studio and home. She struggling with slippery yoga mat during yoga so I gift her these yoga socks from Amazon and now I am glad to gift her these socks.

    Tim is a little bit fashional type and she includes Tuckeelt yoga socks in their fashion accessories. After that, she orders 2 more pairs.



    • 70% recycled cotton, 29% nylon, 1% spandex.
    • Little bit pull down.
    • Gives you complete freedom of movement.
    • Stitched heel and smooth strap keep you secure and comfy.
    • Eco-Friendly, moisture-wicking, soft material.
    • Always keep feet dry and form a hygienic barrier.
    • Allows you to connect with your yoga mat.
    • Durable, work well after multiple use and washes.
    • Perfectly fits on most of the sizes.
    Amazon Tuckeets


    May 27th 2020

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       What are Yoga Socks?

      Yoga socks are unique and creative yoga gear that perfectly designed with non-slip material like silicon and at the bottom side rubber nubs prevent you from slipping on the yoga mat of the floor and allows you to practice on the sleek surface without fear of slipping.

      Yoga socks also are known as slip-resistant yoga gear, it comes in different styles, colors, designs, sizes, length, ankle, calf-length, full and half toe covering. Usually, yoga socks made with eco-friendly bamboo or cotton, or some time made with the combination of both.

      Why Yoga Socks in Important?

      The primary purpose of yoga socks is to provide a non-slip surface during yoga sessions. Many expensive high-quality yoga mats are available in the market that offers enough grip to your feet but still face trouble while doing downward facing dog and plank.

      Yoga socks perfectly designed for hot yoga sessions because during sweaty yoga sessions quite difficult to stop you slip on any yoga mat, therefore yoga socks one of the great options who allows your feet to practice yoga without slipping.

      These socks precisely made with breathable, moisture-wicking material that keeps your feet cool and sweat-free. Right now socks that cover the only ball on the feet are very trending and exposing the toes and heels.

      Yeah, We all know that yoga socks are not necessary for yoga but if you are looking for confident, satisfactory yoga sessions without fear of slipping, falling, and getting injured then yoga socks are for you.

      Why Wear Yoga Socks?

      Why Wear Yoga Socks?

      How To Find & Pick Best Yoga Socks?

      How To Find & Pick Best Yoga Socks?


      According to research proof that maximum people do not even do research a little bit before buying anything, just visit the E-commerce website and search the product with the brand name and place the order. Not even read the description of the product.

      But in the case of yoga don’t take it lightly before purchase any yoga equipment must do a study or read experts recommendations. For example, if you looking for yoga socks then before picking any sock just think about the purpose, what type of yoga you practice, and your experience in yoga.

      Every type of yoga socks are available in the market as if you want to stay warm during yoga session then prefer closed finger and ankle-length style, or looking for normal activities like yoga, traveling, jogging, warmup the try open half-toe, or half-foot yoga socks these are very light in weight.

      Consider only 4 things before buying yoga socks:

      1. Fabric: Right now yoga socks are made with both natural materials like bamboo, cotton, and synthetic fibers. There is no more difference between natural and synthetic fiber socks but natural material is very famous for performance, soft feel, and provides better anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking qualities. Yoga socks are carefully manufactured with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for preventing sweat from drops on the mat during a yoga session. Therefore fabric is playing a very important role and your yoga session completely depends on yoga socks so pick a better fabric.
      2. Style: If you search yoga socks on any E-commerce website you get all types of socks from open foot to knee length. But the traditional style feels very uncomfortable and quite challenging to put on.
      3. Design & Grip: yoga socks perfectly designed with an anti-skid bottom that allows you to grip precisely with a yoga mat. It comes with a heel-to-toe dotted pattern, lines, or unique design. The concept behind the dotted pattern is to provide foot massage, sensitive to bumps and lumps as well as work as an anti-slip agent on flat surfaces.
      4. Sizes: Yoga socks available in multiple sizes for men and women or super-stretchy yoga socks perfectly fit on most of the sizes.
      5. Price: Yoga socks are available from $5 up to $50 – $60 the more you invest more quality you get.

      Should I Wear Socks While Practicing Yoga?

      Both types of yogis are there some prefer practicing yoga with a naked foot and some with yoga socks. It depends on you if your practicing with a naked foot then feels like you need a bit more grip and yoga socks is the best option to get enough grip.

      By the way, after a few tries, if you do not feel comfortable then barefoot is the best option for you. While you are practicing sensitive or restorative yoga you feel your foot going to be cold, so try full sleeves socks and see how you feel something great on your feet.

      Those who just begin practicing yoga in socks say that yoga socks are a little bit slippery or even come off completely which distracts them and not allows them to concentrate on yoga.

      But many professional and experts say that at the beginning you face some problem because you don’t have a habit of socks that’s why you feel weird but make sure that yoga socks are really worth it, encourages you to practice yoga with the more comfortable and confident way if they making you hassle still re-consider to wear then at least a month and see the magic after that.

      What Are The Advantages of Practicing Yoga With Barefoot?

      Yoga is all about connection and concentration, barefoot allows your body to make a connection with a yoga mat or the earth. Hand and feet are the foundation of every posture. If your hand and feet direct connect with the earth then not only energy flows through the body as well as provide strength on hand and feet.

      Shoes do not allow to make a direct connection with the earth and maybe cause some chronic pain in the body like neck, back, hips, and knees.

      God perfectly designed our feet to walk on earth, provide proper cushioning and support, while in the case of shoes they provide more cushioning and padding but not support, and make our feet more weaken and lose flexibility and mobility.

      While walk or practice yoga with barefoot not only activates our muscles of feet, even provides strength rest of our body. There are some nerve pressures points on our feet if pressure is applied to that area, is not only provide strength even relax our body, and help us to relieve the body of disease and other pains.

      Another great advantage of practicing yoga with barefoot means proper balance and stability because the structure of our feet is really amazing, it perfectly planted on the ground and from the finger to the toe each and every portion helps to provide support, balanced, and stability.

      How To Wash & Maintain Yoga Socks?

      Before washing anything like a yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga pants, yoga tops do prefer to read manufacturer’s washing instructions because they very well know how to wash. Because the washing process depends on the fabric, so before throwing socks in the washing machine read instructions.

      Shasha says that “I use yoga socks from the beginning and I wash my sock in the washing machine is my big mistake, its not only reduce the quality of socks even reduce the life. So wash with hands is the best solution for maintaining quality and last longer life”.

      Therefore I recommend to all my students to wash yoga sock gently with hands in cold water to protect the quality and grip of the material. Or if you are a lazy personality then wash yoga socks in the washing machine but in a gentle cycle. Iron bleach, tumble dry strictly prohibited.

      How To Wash & Maintain Yoga Socks?


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