Ultimate Guide: How (And Why) To Clean Yoga Mat In 2020

This is the Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Yoga Mat in 2020


I am not a professional yogi. I practicing yoga for the last two years and it was wonderful journey yoga it boosts my immunity, makes me physically and mentally strong, increases concentration power, helps me calm in every situation, or many more upgrade I have seen in me. I am not the cleanest yogi, I wash once a week my yoga mat and other accessories. 

Yoga Mat holds sweat very easily for a long time and then bacteria make a home on it. After some time it releases the unbearable weird smell. I face this issue since when I start doing yoga and still facing, I think many other yogis face same trouble as me. 

I contact many yoga teachers, professionals and interview them. I’ll note down each and every point they suggest and now I decided to share with dedicated yogis. Seriously, its a very long journey I learn too much about yoga and yoga mats. 

Yoga Mat became a necessary part of the yogi the same as humans need oxygen. I do study almost 25-30 days on the “Ultimate Guide: How To Clean Yoga Mat”. Hope this guide is beneficial for you and encourages you to do more yoga. 

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can clean and sanitize easily all kinds of yoga mats like Eco-Friendly, Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat, Plastic Yoga Mat, Cotton, and Hemp Yoga Mat, Jute Mats, Travel Yoga Mats, and Cork Yoga Mat.

Are You Ready! Ultimate Guide: How (And Why) To Clean Yoga Mat In 2020

How To Clean Yoga Mat?

Don’t matter how frequently you use your yoga mat, but it will get sweaty, dirty, and maybe stinky with use. You practicing, laugh, talk, struggle, meditation, holding a pose, and sweat on your yoga mat, then mat reaches the point when you have to clean your yoga mat. 

And if you really want to continue with your current yoga mat then it needs some extra care. Many experts and professional yogis suggest “You have to clean your yoga mat after every yoga session”. 

For the long life of your yoga mat, you have to wash regularly and keep daily maintenance to enjoy the slip-free and clean practice.

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat? Must check mat care guidelines first. Or you can also read here some options for carefully cleaning your yoga mat:

Soak Your Yoga Mat and Put In The Bath Tub

One of the most basic ways to clean your mat is to use a solution of mild detergent and warm water. For making a solution take 2 cups of water and 4 drops of dish soap. Then sink your yoga mat in the bathtub for a couple of minutes. 

Soak Your Yoga Mat and Put In The Bath Tub:

Make sure that you don’t use too much soap, an excess quantity of soap making your mat slippery that is dangerous. This solution easily removes oil, dirt, and odors. Washing or dish soap detergent is a great option for fine cleaner your yoga mat. 

After lots of research, I found that many experts suggest washing the yoga mat with vinegar. But aware, vinegar leaves a weird and lasting smell of your mat, that make your practice more enjoyable. 

Wash With Soft Cloth

Wash Your Yoga Mat With Soft Cloth: After soaking your yoga mat, use a smooth and soft cloth to wipe both sides of the mat. Completely clean each side and focus on those areas that your feet and hands touch most. You can see easily that section you use mostly because of its looks slightly different color to the rest of a yoga mat. 

Don’t worry if you do not see bubbles from the mixture of detergent and water. But make sure to use enough detergent or soap, because our target makes yoga mat clean, not slippery.

Drown Your Yoga Mat in Clean Water Bath Tub

Drown Your Yoga Mat in Clean Water Bath Tub:

Clean the bathtub before the drown your yoga mat, then rinse the mat with clean water. This trick is helpful to remove any relic from soap and reduce the possibilities of having a slippery mat. Make sure that rub the mat until water is clean, stop rubbing when the water gets dirty.

Wipe Up With Natural Solution

Wipe Up With Natural Solution: ​Many yogis recommend an organic, water-based, all-purpose cleanser. If you want to clean a natural rubber yoga mat then try a mixture of water and vinegar, it is an excellent way to sanitize and restore the color and texture of your mat.

Use High-Quality ReadyMade Yoga Mat Wipes

If you don’t have time or you are lazy then you can also by ready-made soft yoga mat wipes that naturally kill bacteria.

Best Two Wipes For Your Yoga Mat:

Balanced Body JoSha Wipes: 

  1. JoSha soft, high-quality wood pulp-based are pure biodegradable. 
  2. It is 100% safe for your yoga mats.
  3. Wipes are easily anti-bacterial and antiseptic – wonderful cleansing wipes. 

Herban Orange Essentials Mini Wipe:

  1. It comes with antimicrobial attributes that kill germs.
  2. It is made from pure essential oils.
  3. Safe for your yoga mat.

Best Yoga Mat Spray Cleaners

Amazon Best Seller: Asutra Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Asutra is a leading brand for making yoga mat clear, over 4000+ users praise the quality and recommend to buy. So we confidently add Asutra Yoga Mat cleaner is this checklist. 

For formulating Asutra use only pure organic and natural essential oils. Ideal for your all yoga mat and props make it clean and refresh. The Uplifting Eucalyptus fragrance is obtained from eucalyptus essential oil, which has therapeutic qualities. 

It kills all bacteria, germs, dirt, dust completely sanitizes your mat vanish instantly with every wipe. Asutra strictly used only 100% biodegradable, organic, and natural solutions that contain zero phosphates, bleach, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, alcohol, and detergents or harsh chemicals. 

While you spray it evaporates quickly and no leaves any slippery residue. It comes with a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle easy to carry anywhere you want. With the cleaner you also get a free microfiber towel for making your cleaning process easier.


  • Brand: Asutra
  • Material: Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Type: 100% natural and organic
  • Refile Size: 4 Oz
  • Free: Microfiber Yoga towel


Total Score

Asutra Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

The Uplifting Eucalyptus fragrance is obtained from eucalyptus essential oil, which has therapeutic qualities. 


  • Over 4000+ users admire the quality of the cleaner.
  • 100% natural and organic solution.
  • Free from phosphates, bleach, parabens, or harsh chemicals.
  • Best for deep cleaning.
  • Ideal for all yoga mats and props.
  • Skin-friendly and Non-slippery residue.
  • Clean and refresh your yoga mat.
  • Release a pleasant fragrance while you spray.


  • Over-priced.
  • Too strong smell (If you sensitive then cover nose before spray)
Our Rating
Amazon Logo

Asutra Cleaner


May 6th 2020

The Skin-Friendly: Way Of Will 35 Yoga Mat Spray

The Way Of Will 35 Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner comes with thee great combination of all-natural essential oils contains Peppermint Essential Oils, Tea Tree, Lavender that is skin-friendly. 

During yoga, we spend complete time on our yoga mat, and if spray leaves irritating smell or impact on sensitive skin then it’s really dangerous. 

Therefore 35 Yoga Mat Cleaner leaves no irritants and perfectly suits any kind of skin. It gives complete purity of your yoga mat and calming effect in your yoga practice. 

It’s naturally sanitized your yoga mat, release decent fragrance, and exclude unwanted odors. And leaves a refreshing scent that improves your yoga experiences. 

So say goodbye to harmful Chemicals cleaner and experience a healthier odor-free workout with WOW yoga mat cleaner.


  • Brand: Way Of Will
  • Model: 35 Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner
  • Type: All natural and Organic
  • Best Skin-Friendly
  • Quantity: 4.4 Oz or 130 ml
  • Oils: Tea Tree, Lavender, and Peppermint Essential Oils


Total Score

Way Of Will 35 Yoga Mat Spray

Just spray on your yoga equipment and wipe with a smooth towel or cloth for fresh and clean workout space. For excellent results apply before and after yoga sessions.


  • Made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Completely clean your yoga mat.
  • It offers a calming effect.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Release a decent smell.
  • Skin-friendly.
  • Perfect for any kind of material.
  • No worries about sticky or slippery residue


  • Expensive but worth it.
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WOW Spray


May 8th 2020

Best French Lavender: TreeBorn Yoga Mat Cleaner

If you are looking for an alcohol-free yoga mat cleaner that TreeBorn yoga mat spray is ideal for you. Very effective and soothing without leaving a slippery or sticky residue behind. 

Formulate using all-natural safe ingredients and add enough Tea Tree Oil to clean and control odor without overuse of lavender fragrance. It is also free from harmful scents, soaps, or other fatty oils. 

It is 100% safe for your sensitive skin as well as not breakdown any kind of yoga mat. Many essentials oils vaporize in the plastic bottles but it comes with a glass bottle so no worries about vaporization. 

Glass bottle is a brilliant initiative by TreeBorn its a great contribution to safe nature. You can spray down on your yoga mat, blocks, wheel, or other workouts accessories and wipe with soft cloth or towel. 

Even you can also use to clean your yoga strap, gym bag, or bolsters.


  • Brand: TreeBorn
  • Type: All-natural (No Alcohol)
  • Quantity: 16Oz (473 ml)
  • Bottle Type: Glass
  • Ingredients: Distilled water, Alcohol-free witch hazel, French Lavender Oil, Melaleuca oil
  • Made in Canada


Total Score

TreeBorn Yoga Mat Cleaner

Formulate using all-natural safe ingredients and add enough Tea Tree Oil to clean and control odor without overuse of lavender fragrance.


  • 100% user satisfied with the quality.
  • Ideal for all kinds of yoga material.
  • Effectively kill odor-causing bacteria.
  • Comes in a glass of the bottle.
  • No leaves a sticky or slippery residue.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and Skin-friendly.
  • Made with all-natural Alcohol-free witch hazel, French Lavender Oil, Melaleuca oil.


  • No Cons.
Our Rating
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TreeBorn Spray


May 5th 2020

Mood-Boosting: Pure & Peaceful Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Pure & Peaceful comes with the aim to provide natural cleaners formulating to deeply clean your home, floor, glass, stainless steel, yoga mat more effectively as any other leading brand.

Using effective, herbal ingredients and hand-picked highest therapeutic grade essential oils for making cleaners. To naturally sanitize your yoga mat, cleaner created with a mixture of refreshing lemongrass and relaxing lavender essential oils with botanical, natural ingredients. 

It comes in a portable 3.4oz bottle size so easy to carry anywhere. You just need to spray before practicing yoga for peace and pleasure. Moreover, spray after yoga sessions for maintaining non-slip surfaces and safe from bacteria.

Mood-Boosting: Pure & Peaceful Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Brand: Pure & Peaceful
  • Model: Natural yoga mat cleaner
  • Type: Mood-Boosting Cleaner
  • Quantity: 3.4oz
  • Ingredients: Distilled Water, Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, organic lavender essential oil, Pure castile soap, Natural grain alcohol, Organic lemongrass essential oil.


Total Score

Pure & Peaceful Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

To naturally sanitize your yoga mat, cleaner created with a mixture of refreshing lemongrass and relaxing lavender essential oils.


  • Famous brand for making natural cleaners.
  • Using only effective, botanical ingredients.
  • Completely sanitizes yoga mat.
  • Its smell boost energy.
  • Made completely of vegetable fats.
  • Distilled water is used to eliminates waterborne biological contaminants.
  • Natural grain alcohol is used to open bacteria pores and kill them.
  • Organic lemongrass essential oil is added for destroys or suppresses the growth of microorganisms.


  • Very Expensive( but worth it).
Our Rating
Pure & Peaceful Brand Logo

P&P Yoga Mat Cleaner


May 18th 2020

100% Natural: Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

If you are looking for a cleaner that naturally cleans your yoga mat and leaves a pleasant and refreshing smell then “Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray” is perfect for you”. 

Cleaner comes with a great combination of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential oils that are naturally antiviral and antibacterial. This combination offers you relaxing effects, calming behaviors, and therapeutic properties that will encourage you to do more hard yoga poses. 

With the help of distilled water, witch hazel, and a mixture of essential oils including mint, eucalyptus & tea tree completely sanitize your yoga mat without leaving any sticky or slippery residue. 

The spray is free from non-toxic, harmful chemicals and alcohol which means not drying our your yoga mat, even coconut oil is not added as like many other brands because it makes yoga mat slippery.


  • Brand: Mind Over Leather
  • Type: 100% natural
  • Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, eucalyptus & tea tree oil
  • Refile Size: 8 Oz


Total Score

Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

 Spray made with a great combination of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential oils that are naturally antiviral and antibacterial.


  • 500+ users give a positive review and recommend to buy.
  • Use pure natural Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential oils.
  • Multi-Purpose cleaning spray.
  • Smells nice and pleasant, not too strong.
  • Super skin sensitive and zero irritation.
  • Free no non-toxic, harmful chemicals, alcohol.
  • Coconut oil is not using for making spray because it makes mat slippery.
  • Natural antibacterial and antiviral.


  • Many users problems with a nozzle.
Our Rating
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M.O.L. Spray


May 19th 2020

All-Purpose: Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

The All-Purpose yoga mat cleaner is made by a well-known brand Manduka, so it is safe and harmless to use regularly for deep cleaning. 

Manduka uses water, verifies essential oils, phosphate-free chelating agents, and a vegetable oil-based surfactant for making all-purpose yoga mat cleaner. This great combination is ideal for refreshing your yoga mat without leaving a slimy and sticky residue. 

When you spray on your mat you notice some smell but it fades away quickly. Manduka uses all organic essential oils to gives a refreshing, lavender scent. But I can’t bear nose full of lavender smell. 

You can use 2 ways this spray on your yoga mat:

  • First, spray on your mat and leave it 5 minutes, then wipe it with soft cloth or towel.
  • Second, Spray on your yoga towel and then rub the towel on your yoga mat.

Usually, we recommend going with option one.


  • Brand: Manduka
  • Refill Size: 8 oz.
  • Material: Organic
  • Essential Oils only
  • Best For: All Yoga Mats
  • Made in the USA.


Total Score

Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Once you spray, it completely kills bacteria and doesn’t smell like sweat anymore. The 8 ounce is sufficient at this price range or the bottle is recycled.


  • Branded Maduka Spray.
  • 200+ users praise the quality.
  • Ideal for daily use and deep cleaning.
  • Use only organic essential oils.
  • Tranquil Lavender - fresh, light, and calming.
  • Ideal for Manduka ProLite Mat.


  • Expensive.
  • Make mat slippery so dry your mat well.
Our Rating
Amazon Logo

Manduka Spray


May 5th 2020

Best Hygienic: Gaiam Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

Gaiam Yoga Mat Cleaner perfectly designed is to keep your mat clean and completely hygienic. Formulation with a great combination of organic essential oils and tea-tree extract, it is 100% organic and non-toxic even USDDA certified and approved. 

It perfectly eliminates dirt, sweat, bacteria, germs, and other impurities and its smell energize you. It is antimicrobial and releases a refreshing smell. 

Overall good but for deep cleaning your yoga mat you have to spray a lot because it dries very quickly. Otherwise an ideal option for any kind of yoga mat.


  • Brand: Gaiam
  • Refile Size: 4 Oz
  • Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.1 x 6.5 inches
  • Ingredients: (Purified Water) Organic Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Olive Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Potassium Hydroxide -KOH (Lye), Cedarwood Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil


Total Score

Gaiam Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

It perfectly eliminates dirt, sweat, bacteria, germs, and other impurities and its smell energize you. It is antimicrobial and releases a refreshing smell. 


  • USDA-certified.
  • Made of essential oils and tea-tree extract.
  • Pure organic, natural, and non-toxic.
  • Perfect for any kind of yoga mat material.
  • Release a decent smell.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • Dry quickly (for deep cleaning use a lot).
Our Rating
Amazon Logo

Gaiam Cleaner


May 5th 2020

Make Your Own HomeMade DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

A motivated and dedicated yogi spends his precious time on a yoga mat to get a fit and healthy lifestyle. Use regularly at the studio, at home, and in a local park. What happens if your yoga mat is full of harmful germs, fungus, and bacteria. 

You have to clean your yoga mat because dirty mat not deliver you a healthy lifestyle, maybe give you more ill, weak, nervousness, and bizarre feeling. 

You can buy online readymade yoga mat spray available at a very cheap cost that is a quite easy and time-saving process. Or if you have time to Make Your Own HomeMade DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray:

Easy DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray Recipe
  • 1 Spray Bottle (2-4 Ounce)
  • Filtered Distilled Water (3/4 of spray bottle)
  • Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential Oil (2 drop)
  • Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil (2 drops)
  • Witch Hazel Or White Vinegar (1/4 of spray bottle)
  • Or If you want to make more Organic and Effective cleaner then also use: Lemon Essential Oil (2 drops)

Step 1: Take a spray bottle and fill 3/4 full with warm distilled water. If you practice daily and sweat a lot then you may need a larger spray bottle. Or if you are a beginner and practice very rarely then a smaller size of the bottle is probably fine.

Spray bottle filled with water for making DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner 

Step 2: Now add the witch hazel with the distilled water for more cleaning oomph. You can also use vinegar (gives weird smell) if you don’t have witch hazel. Fill the entire bottle with witch hazel or vinegar.

Mix Witch Hazel With Water for Making Yoga Mat Cleaner

Step 3: Now it’ time to add your preferred essential oils. Usually, I used 2 drops of Lavender oil, 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil, if you need more or less depending on your requirements and sizes of the mat. If mistakenly spray became strong then dump some out and add more distilled water.

Mix essential oil with warm water and witch hazel for making DIY yoga mat cleanerMix essential oil with warm water and witch hazel for making DIY yoga mat cleaner

Step 4: Shake gently and directly spray on your yoga mat and wipe with a dry, clean cloth. After that hang your mat and let it dry before rolling.

Step 5: Use after every yoga session as desired.

Use after every yoga session as desired.

You Can Also Make A Yoga Mat Cleaner With Alcohol

Recipes for making Alchohol Based Yoga Mat Spray:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 2 oz water
  • 1 oz rubbing alcohol
  • Essential oils of your choice (optional)

Take a spray bottle and combine 2 oz water with 1 oz rubbing alcohol and Essential Oil (Tea Tree Oil, lemongrass or lavender). After combine close bottle by cap and shake is gently and spray on your yoga mat. Then wipe the mat with a paper towel or yoga towel or soft cloth and wipe it until the moisture remains.

Few Important Points You Have To Know Before Making DIY Yoga Mat Spray
  1. We recommend a glass spray bottle instead of plastic. Because essential oils easily wash out the plastic.
  2. Witch Hazel: A unique distilled herb equipped with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  3. Essential Oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon, and essential oils are best for disinfecting your yoga mat and gives a wonderful smell. 
  4. Distilled Water: is great for making your spray long-lasting.
  5. For A Calming Effect Use These Essential Oil: Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Rose, Frankincense, Vetiver, Chamomile.
  6. For A Deep Cleaning Effect Use These Essential Oil: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Oregano, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lavender, Thyme.

HomeMade DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray is a very easy, safe, natural, and effective way to clean, maintain your yoga mat and kill all bacteria and pleasant smell helps you to do more hard and complex yoga poses.

Yeah, this process is time-consuming, buy all ingredients and mix them then use is a too long process. If you don’t have time or lazy then you buy ReadyMade Yoga Mat Spray.

Put Your Yoga Mat In Washing Machine

Before put your yoga mat in the washing machine make sure to read all manufacturer care guidelines, if they allow then toss your mat with the machine. Because many eco-friendly yoga mats are able to bear only hand-wash instead of the washing machines. 

Put Your Yoga Mat For Cleaning

In machine increase the chances of destroy and damage of your mat. If you’re using a washing machine then put your mat separately do not wash your clothes with mat. 

Pick a soft cycle, warm water, and a small amount of detergent. Hosing, soaking, spray bottle cleaning solutions is a too long and time-consuming process and you think quite easy to stick your yoga mat in the washing machine. It completely depends on your yoga mat construction. Is your yoga mat withstand agitation against the washing machine?

Many companies strictly say that “DO NOT PUT YOUR YOGA MAT IN WASHING MACHINE“. Machine Wash works well on cotton or hemp yoga mats as well as great for PVC or rubber mats.

Remove Extra Water On The Mat

Shake gently your yoga mat to remove excess water. Put your dry towel on the mat and then roll both together to press out the remaining moisture. Be careful do not twist your yoga mat, it may causing wrapping, testing, or wrinkling. You can stand on your mat and press gently, it is very effective to remove excess water.

Hang Yoga Mat And Let It Dry

After removing the excess water, now unroll the mat from the towel. You can use clothe hangers to hang up, but hanger may leave marks so place a piece of cloth between mat and hanger. 

Hang Yoga Mat And Let It Dry:​

Laundry dry rack is the best option to dry your yoga mat more effectively from both sides. We don’t recommend put your mat on the dryer, it not only damages yoga mat but maybe catch fire. Don’t use mat until dry. For testing remaining moisture just squeeze your mat between fingers.

Deep Breadth & Enjoy Your Clean Yoga Mat

Finally, your yoga mat is completely clean and free from harmful bacteria and ready for your next yoga practice. Take a deep breath and enjoy your yoga session.

Now Your Yoga Mat is Clean Enjoy Yoga

5 Reasons Why Your Yoga Mat Has More Germs, Bacteria and Fungus:

As we all know that Yoga became a trend now over 24 million people daily practicing, and 45% of Americans excited about trying yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways to improve flexibility, mental focus, physically strong, reduce stress, and cleary body toxins.

Now yoga reaches a 27 billion dollar business, but still, many organizations try to solve the biggest difficult problem – Yoga Mat is one of them. The reason is, According to specialists and professionals, it is all because of germs, bacteria that make direct contact with your skin through your mat.

Have You Ever Notice:

  • Red rash on your feet?
  • Increase allergies?
  • Nervousness?
  • Abruptly sick?
  • Or suddenly face the flu?

As yoga became the fastest growing trend also raise the demand for more classes, more mats, more studios. With more mats, more germs automatically increase. 

Before begins yoga practice, you need to invest approx $130 on a yoga mat, $65 on yoga towels, and $145 per month on yoga or gym membership. After a few months of use a yoga mat and towel, yogis need to buy another one due to germs and bacteria that causing degradation and odour.

Bacteria Develop In Warm Moist Conditions

Many types of research prove that yoga studios are an ideal place for developing the germs. A few months back, a research team investigates a 45 years lady mat tested positive for pantoea agglomerans, and a mat of yoga teacher they found the high fungus, a coliform bacteria, and fecal indicator. 

You believe or not, but you see 12+ millions of bacteria living on your mat when viewing in the microscope. These dangerous bacteria vary from parasites, dust mites, to viruses. These bacteria possibly reason for viral infections, athlete’s foot, staph, planters warts, and allergy flare-ups.

Microfiber Towels

Yes, a microfiber yoga towel is the best option to prevent you from slipping. But while you sweat, microfiber unable to absorb, and at the end all sweat came down on your mat. A yoga mat is porous and holds the liquid, making a weird mixture of bacteria, odor, and fungi. Even yoga towels also hold sweat and create a perfect environment for bacteria the same as a yoga mat. So still, you use both yoga towel and mat together seriously perilous decision.

Not Using Essential Oils Or Wipes For Sanitizing Your Yoga Mat

Yoga mat features a porous material so bacteria flow and live into pores. The sanitizer has the strength to goes deep in the mat and kill each bacteria and make your yoga mat clean for the next use

Not Regularly Clean Your Mat

Honestly ask yourself “I Clean My Yoga Mat Regularly?”, No, we don’t have enough time to invest in cleaning the yoga mat. Not even throw in washer and dryer. And, I also make sure that your gym or mat, studio, floor are not sanitized or clean between practice. Moreover, a few gym and studios revealed that their mat is clean after every two months.

Wear Fewer Clothes

As we all know that wearing fewer clothes helps you to keeps you more refreshing and more flexible for movement. Many people walk and sweat on the floor, and your yoga mat touches the floor. Then your skin, face, hands, feet, forehead, overall body lies on the mat. 

We all know human skin is the comprehensive organ, is filled with organisms, and many of them come off while you sweat. And most irritating is rolling up your mat when its full of wet from sweat. The cycle goes on; we sweat and roll up mat over and over again and again. 

In studies prove that a yogi touches their face on mat 18 times per hour, this is the primary reason all games transfer to skin and back to the nose and mouth, then why are you using fewer clothes during a sweat session?

How To Maintain A Yoga Mat?

In this competitive era, many yoga studios provide free yoga mats to their members to attracting them. But you really need a free yoga mat, is it a great deal for you? But yoga mats and all gyms equipment are full of germs and bacteria.

A yoga mat is the epicenter of bacteria; they can comfortably live a long life in the mat. If you use your own mat, maybe you bear your smell; it is serious but not that dangerous. But if you use a mat that is using by many other people, then we don’t know who use this mat, and maybe they have some serious diseases such as athlete’s foot and even herpes and e-coli!

Moreover, some studios serious about their work and regularly cleans their mats after each use, but many are not so vigilant. So practicing on free yoga mats means you are taking a serious risk and make direct contact with nasty germs and bacteria.

Few Tips For Maintain Yoga Mat:

After practicing lets dry before rolling it up and wipe form down your yoga mat:

Dark and moist is an ideal place for bacteria, and you roll up your sweaty mat, then it’s an open invitation for germs and bacteria. Many yogis prefer to spray drops of water for better gripping that is the worst thing, but confirm that your mat air dries entirely, or you can also use a dry towel to clean all moisture.

Before and After yoga sessions wash properly your face, hands, and feet: Perfect hygiene behavior is one of the finest ways to save yourself from bacteria. Where and how many times you touch surface, then bacteria sticks to your hands, then you touch your hands on face and other parts of the body. Who knows germs make a home at yoga mat, and while we are practicing, they stick to our hands and feet. So you have to take seriously and don’t touch your face and skin until wash your hands and feet because germs directly enter through your eyes, nose, and or mouth.

If you are in a nude yoga class, then wear clean yoga clothes or put a towel between you and mat: Always try to make a minimum contact of your skin and communal yoga mat by wearing clean clothes or place a yoga towel between you and your mat in every yoga class.

Take leave when you’re sick: In this condition, you unable to do yoga, but a single sneeze spreads thousands of bacteria on everyone else’s yoga mat or studio floor. If you are sick, stay home because it’s not only good for you as well as great for your yoga community.

At least Wash Your Yoga Mat Once A Week: Read all care guidance of your yoga mat before wash. Try only those things that care label allows to do.

Spray bleach and chlorine or water dilution on your yoga mat: Think to give your mat a safe disinfecting spray and wash down two times a month to reduce dangerous element use and maintain by your own hands.

Wipe Off Your Yoga Mat each time: after yoga session, cleans your sweat with a piece of cloth or a mild soap paper.

One More Tip: this trick helps you aren’t transferring the floor dirt to the side you practice. Simply fold in half like a taco so the surface facing itself.

How Often To Clean Or Wash A Yoga Mat?

The sequence of clean yoga mat depends on two major factors:

  • Frequency: How many time yoga-practising once a week.
  • Body Behaviour: behaviour means you  sweat a lot or not.

If you are practising six days a week as well as you sweat a lot, then mat retains a bacteria that cause an odour. So you have to maintain your yoga mat and clean it regularly. But aware that after over cleaning some cheap quality mats are wear out quickly.

Is My Yoga Mat Need To Cleans And How To Clean Deeply?

If you use your yoga mat over a week without cleaning and washing, then a few days later, you realize a weird smell or stain on your yoga mat. This is the right time to clean your mat any how otherwise you need to buy the second another one.

If you want to clean your yoga mat deeply then before using any harsh or mild dish solution, check Our Yoga Mat cleaning recommendations, or visit the brand website.

Avoid These Common Mistakes:

Avoid direct sunlight on your mat, it causing fade and becomes brittle.

Don’t roll your wet and moist yoga mat, let it dry and then roll and store it.

Before practicing don’t apply oils and skin creams because they leave a stain on the mat.


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