15 Ideas Make Your Yoga Session More Fun & Creative

If your run yoga studio, gym, or exercise at home then for beginners it’s very exciting and fun but after some time people getting bored doing same thing daily. So to make your yoga class more fun, exiting creative try these “15 Ideas Make Your Yoga Session More Fun & Creative”


In the research, scientists confirm that creativity completely belongs to our state of mind, when our brain starts making new neuron bonds. It means we have a creative mind, we just need to connect the idea. It’s doesn’t matter how much creative you believe yourself, this guide helps you to get touch with the part of your brain that puts your thoughts together!

And I think yoga class is the right place to express our creativity that helps to make our yoga session more interesting; fun even motivates us to do more hard, and complex yoga poses. Below are some of the tips to both help you make creative & playful classes and inspire your brainstorming.

List of 15 Ideas Make Your Yoga Session More Fun & Creative

Sharp your body knowledge

Sharp your body knowledgeIf you understand the modern-day needs for our bodies, you’ll be ready to play around with movement in a style that is reliable, while not having to concentrate on the asanas specifically. Therefore easy to combine in movements the body wants, and that is really beneficial to its well-being.

Use visualization

Use visualizationOnce I am doing yoga, I found that my teacher is used the metaphor of honey during the class. This helps to make a new unique sensation in my mind, and it was a frank way to build a sense of peace and balance throughout the entire practice. There are too many opportunities, events, and things we can motivate ourselves.

Provide space for free play

This concept works pretty well with vinyasa than the other yoga pose. When your learners try to attempt a set of postures, like dancing warrior again repeats the same order once with some cues and then next time do with barely. 

Provide space for free playThen start a song, or a fixed right amount of time to permit your students to play around with the postures, add in a variation, or go with their breaths, go down into a child’s pose. And motivate then to relate honestly, how they feel also allows their feelings (inspiration!) to lead them during the sequence.

Keep practicing yourself

Try new yoga apps, online websites, platforms, new yoga instructors, creative yogis, great body teachers, and also boost your training with things you listen and see in your daily life, be mesmerized how much happens around us that we can pick motivation from, without those elements to be well-known educative quotes especially related to yoga.

Keep Smile

Keep SmileWhile you hold the challenging pose, try the easy act of rolling the corners of the mouth up into a smile, and I promise, you will instantly begin to enjoy the experience more.

Set on some groovy tunes

Set on some groovy tunesUsually, I love to listen to devotional music while practicing yoga, but I realize it does take my session to a more serious situation. That’s great when I’m looking for that, but I love to balance more serious and internal practices with a bit of fun too. I might not get spiritual knowledge that day, but I’ll be uplifted and elevated nonetheless.

Practice with Friends

Practice with FriendsIf you want more interesting and more fun in your yoga class try to go with your friends or invite them to attend an online yoga session. Then take a coffee and smoothie afterward and talk about all the things you enjoyed in the class.

Give arm balances a go

I think arm balance is one of the best ways to boost up some fun into your practice. Yes, it may be quite challenging, but the method of trying them can be surprisingly enjoyable and uplifting, yet if you don’t get remotely airborne.

Try to wear some bright colors

Try to wear some bright colorsWell, I understand that the color of my yoga wears is not going to drive me towards Samadhi, however…on those days, wherever I want to use my practice to build more fun, friendly attitude. I throw on a set of brilliant colored yoga pant, and they really DO make me want to skip to class!

Laugh at Yourself

Laugh at YourselfI personally experienced that laughter is the best medicine when practicing yoga. I inspire students to lighten up, laugh, and smile whenever possible. As we know that we are the responsibility of our own healing and happiness, and you’ll be capable of passing that advice on through joyous teaching practice.”

Take time for intention setting

Take time for intention settingBefore starting the class, I ‘ll do a few minutes of meditation; after that, I ask people to silently set an aim, make a choice, or dedicate their yoga practice. 

Provide the people what they want

Generally, before the class, we are warming up, but before starting the class I ask each person to ask their energy and motivation level like Low, Medium, or high. And if they want to work on hip-openers, core strengthening, stress relief, Yoga Mats (cork yoga mat) etc. then I’ll give them a certain period of time to relieve their body and set a motivation level.

Allow modifications for all levels

Make sure to allow plenty of choices for different bodies. Design your room impressive and friendly to the newcomers, the intermediate, and the professionals

Outdoor Practice

Outdoor PracticeWhen nature allows, there’s nothing like yoga in the naked feet upon the earth and fresh air from the environment.

Try to create your own yoga sequence

This is really both challenging and fun. The aim is to have been creative, joyful and feels more good to your body. There are numbers of guide books of asanas, yoga deck cards, google, and youtube for motivation. 

Create a Sequence with focus points:

  • Concentrates on particular areas of the body (hips, back, core, etc)
  • Guide to a peak pose, Work on the full body
  • Add all your favorite poses

If you’re brand-new to formulating sequences, choose 5-10 asana you like and think how to transition from pose to pose. Normally combining a vinyasa movement between each pose will do the work till you become more relaxed sequencing.

Bottom Line

As we all know that yoga is great combination of body, mind, and spirit, creating and getting a sense of balance and peace in all these areas. The more you show your creativity in your yoga studio, the more chances you’ll provide your students to grow into that state. Have fun during the process!

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