Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Natural Jute Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat


WHILE OTHER YOGA MATS ARE made from cheap and harmful materials that stretch and slide, or simply deteriorate after a few uses, Ajna Wellbeing’s Natural Jute Mat is made from premium organic NATURAL fibres that REPELS SMELLS AND SWEAT stains, provide a DURABLE NON-SLIP TEXTURE, and are 100% BIODEGRADABLE while still outlasting other mats on the market. This means a better, more enjoyable yoga practice for your body, and peace of mind, knowing that your mat is SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE.

Features of Ajna Yoga Mat

  1. MANY MATS CLAIM TO BE thick yoga mats but actually lack the density needed to support your body, and make it impossible to balance. 
  2. jna Wellbeing’s exercise mat features a unique combination of ORGANIC JUTE AND PER, providing COMFORT, FUNCTIONALITY, AND GRIP in every position. 
  3. NO MORE PAINFUL KNEES AND JOINTS OR COMPROMISED BALANCE. Our jute yoga mats are give you the optimal base to ground your practice, so that you can stay calm, focused, and happy.
  4. he LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITION of our natural yoga mat, and FREE YOGA STRAP, mean you can roll and transport with ease. 
  5. Your ODOUR FREE MAT ROLLS OUT FLAT from the very first use. SIMPLY WASH by wiping down with water or gentle disinfectant such as eucalyptus.


  •  organic yoga mats are SUITABLE FOR ALL STYLES OF YOGA 
  •  eco yoga mats are FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS, latex, BPA, 6P phthalate, and heavy metals
  • SIMPLY WASH by wiping down with water 


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