Top 5 Best Foldable Yoga Mat For Travel 2020

Today We are going to review Best Selling “Top 5 Best Foldable Yoga Mat For Travel”

What is Travel Yoga Mat?

It’s simply that “The Travel Mats means mat that you can use while you are on travel mode”. Easy to take anywhere and use whenever you want, like in a hotel room, picnic spots, waiting rooms, green grass, etc.

Why Trust on our Recommendations:

Yesidoyoga writers do research approx 5-10 days on the most famous, successful, best “Best Lightweight & Foldable Yoga Mat for Travelavailable in the market. 

I truly tell you it’s very hard to find the best one because as we know that yoga is now going to trend, so there are tons of brands launch daily with low quality at a cheap price. 

Before making the final recommendations, they considered 30 different yoga leggings overall, read over 100+ positive and negative reviews, and tested 1 of the pant themselves. 

And the main thing is all 5 travel yoga mats comfortably work in Yoga Towels.

*So you can trust our recommendations.*

Image Name Price Dimensions Price
Best overall Yogo Ultralight travel yoga mat YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat $88 29 x 72″ x 2mm Check Price
Best Pocket-friendly Toplus Travel Yoga Mat TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat $40 68 X 24″ x 1/16 mm Check Price
Best Super Natural Grip Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat $35.81 68 x 24″ x 1.5mm Check Price

Difference between Travel and Regular Yoga Mat?

There is not a huge difference between regular and travel yoga mat. Both come with the same qualities and features but there are some minute changes that make them different from each other is:

Travel Yoga MatRegular Yoga Mat
1. Designed to easily roll and fold in your bag.
2. Multiple times able to fold in square shape without any trouble.
3. Travel Yoga Mat somewhat portable.
4. Quite thinner and more compact.
5. Have less padding.
6. Light in weight.
7. Extremely thin material.
1. Not enough fold to set in your travel bag.
2. Certain limitations to fold.
3. Portable but not that much.
4. Heavy padded.
5. More comfortable than a travel yoga mat.
6. Quite heavy.

Top 5 Best Yoga Mat for Travel:-

List of all Branded Yoga Blocks List…

1. YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat:

Best Overall Travel Yoga Mat: Eco-Friendly Natural Tree Rubber

This YOGO mat is perfectly described by a user or reviewer, She says that “I have dozens of yoga mats, also have several travels, compact and foldable mats. This provides a perfect grip, extremely well designed and durable, 100% eco-friendly and made from plant-based Vegan material. It is very easy to clean, they don’t absorb water all things are getting at a very reasonable price”.

Truly, I am very impressed with this easy foldable and travel yoga mat. Quite thin and lightweight. One user says that “he doesn’t do hot yoga, so I can’t tell you how much grippy it is when wet. But I never slipped a single time even with my sweaty hands. Actually I bought this mat on vacations and used it at a yoga studio on a thin mat regularly and it encourages me every minute of my practice on it”.

Best overall Yogo Ultralight travel yoga mat

Product Details

  • Brand: Yogo
  • Type: Ultra Light
  • Colour: Forest, Slate, Raven
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds 

Reasons to Buy YOGA Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat:

  • Many users praise the quality of this mat.
  • Best for easy to clean, fold, and very comfortable.
  • Used strap to hand up to air dry after rinsing.
  • Hygenic foldable design.
  • High grip plant-based material is used.
  • Attached durable strap to clip folded mat into a bundle.
  • Have a great grip.
  • Perfectly designed and durable.
  • Eco-friendly and built of plant-based materials.
  • Don’t absorb water.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stinks, while washed and aired it out.
  • Have a strong smell of rubber.

2. TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat:

Best Pocket-Friendly Travel Yoga Mat:- High-Grade Natural Suede for Travel

This Mat comes with a lightweight carrying case, which presents it superior for traveling if you want to fold the mat. Easily roll the mat and it will hold the shape very well. Especially I love the color of the mat. 

Very easy to clean and always ready to pack up and travel with. It’s not too disruptive and bold. It is a rubber-type material on one side and suede on the other. 

Suede side is to absorb the moisture, even if you’re amazingly out of sweat and shape like it’s 500° when practicing a plank, helps to resist and won’t slip on the mat. 

Or the rubber side helps to keep the mat on the floor. This Toplus mat is professional and nice. Also, it is very convenient and fulfills you are all requirements.

Product Details

  • Brand: Toplus
  • Type: Thin Hot 
  • Colour: Black, Elegant Purple, Gradient Green, Granit, Light Weight, Sea Blue
  • Thick: 1/6 Inch
  • Weight:  2.3 pounds

Reasons to Buy TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat:

  • 250+ Users love the quality and recommended to buy.
  • 1/16 inch thick and easily fold up.
  • Available in 7 color options.
  • Two-sided skid resistance travel mat.
  • Manufactured from natural tree suede and rubber. Without toxic plasticizers, PVC, or harmful dyes.
  • Best for Absorbency, Easy to fold, Durability, Comfort, Easy to clean, and for traveling.
  • Nice, stylish lightweight carrying case
  • Hold the shape quite well.
  • Not too disruptive or bold.
  • Comfortable to clean and ready to pack up.
  • Invented for great sessions.
  • Color is so rich and vibrant.
  • A little bit slippery.
  • Quite heavy.

3. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat:

Best Natural Rubber Grip:- Superior Catch Grip for Traction

This Manduka Pro is perfectly designed for traveling even also used on a regular basis, Manduka’s name never disappointed you. It takes a very small space in your bag and easily foldable. I think it isn’t that sticky if you are sweaty. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, lightweight yoga mat that easily takes on public transportation without having to trouble about bulk and the weight of a standard yoga mat.

It is quickly folded and fits in your carry bag. Offers a desirable grip and easy to clean. As a travel yoga mat, it does not have much padding, but as a travel mat. Mat works perfectly at hotel room carpets. Few users complain about the smell of rubber. 

However truth is that it was fainter than the other new mats, the smell went away completely very quickly. You plan multiple trips with it, and it is working well and never disappoints you. Manduka is also famous for making high-quality yoga pants for womens.

Product Details

  • Brand: Manduka
  • Type: SuperLight
  • Colour: 12 options available
  • Thick: 1.5mm
  • Dimensions: 68 x 24 x 0.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces

Reasons to Buy Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat:

  • 500+ users will appreciate the quality.
  • Best for comfort, durability and easy to clean.
  • Made from natural tree rubber.
  • Tightly woven scrim for durability.
  • 2.2 lbs lightweight with 68″ x 24″ standard size.
  • Comprehensive closed cell surface.
  • Manduka has the most leading and respected brand in the world.
  • Didn’t create a problem using it after folding.
  • Tightly woven scrim for stability.
  • Not heavy and ideal for those traveling on trains and buses.
  • Folds perfectly.
  • Built to prevent sweat, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Rubber smell is too strong.
  • Bit thin, may you need to get a spot with carpeting underneath.

4. Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat:

Best FoldableTravel Yoga Mat:- Easily Folded Down in Square Shape

This Gaiam Travel Mat comes with 2mm thickness, while many “travel” mats are thicker. Mat folds down very easily because it has a fairly small in length and width, so it will take very small space in your carry bag. The only trouble I found that the mat is very light (that makes the mat best for travel), therefore the wind will lift it up quite easily.

Once you buy this and use you will never travel without this mat. It is perfectly designed to use in yoga studios, hotel rooms, friend’s homes anywhere you want it will never disappoint you. One user used this mat at the hardwood floor, carpets, and even the deck of the ship still gives a fabulous performance – isn’t great!

Product Details

  • Brand: Gaiam
  • Type: Fully Foldable
  • Colour: 6 Unique options
  • Dimensions: 68 inches L x 24 inches W x 2mm Thick
  • After Fold: 10 inches x 12 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

Reasons to Buy Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat:

  • 400+ users love the quality of the mat.
  • 2mm thick non-toxic PVC.
  • Best for durability, portability, and comfort.
  • 68“ x 24” x 2mm Thick with 1lb weight.0
  • 10 x 12 inches square making it the perfect travel yoga mat.
  • Easily foldable and cleanable.
  • Perfectly designed for traveling.
  • Thickness making it ideal for traveling.
  • Great for balance poses and use on carpet.
  • Fold easily like bottom and top never touch.
  • Even use it with your shoes on and it doesn’t tear up.
  • Comfortable on the carpet.
  • Superlight in weight.
  • Terrible smells at the beginning.

5. Jade Travel Yoga Mat:-

Ideal for Practice Everywhere:-Incredible durability and grip

If you are looking for something small that rolls up easily and tightly to take on a trip with you. This is the stickiest mat ever seen as compare to other branded yoga mats. Carrie S. has used this mat for 18 months. 

Extremely wear tear aside from insignificant on the side, yet it will happen with biodegradable and natural rubber. Key features are that the mat becomes flexibles after use, even has not worn down at all. Besides, He is well experiences practitioner and mat is hold his hand or feet during practice, and these things make this mat unique.

Extra striking features of contention is the “open-cell” design. Actually, he sweats a lot on his mat on a regular basis but it hasn’t made the mat sticky. It develops to clean well with a simple soap solution. 

However, it’s like any travel mat, but thickness reductions cushion, so if you already face any achy joints tendency, then you need a double mat for a better cushion. With constant practice on this mat, I believe that it will help to encourage connective tissues to become stronger.

This mat offers exceptional grip, support, and texture, with the premium bonus of coming in various lengths for taller people, and being the numerous environmentally-friendly mats out there.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat Ideal for Practice Everywhere

Product Details

  • Brand: Jade
  • Type: Travel
  • Colour: Black, Midnight Blue, Olive and Purple
  • Weight: 2.9-3.3lbs
  • Dimensions: 1/8″ thick x 24″ wide

Reasons to Buy Jade Travel Yoga Mat:

  • 200+ users praise the quality of the mat.
  • Best for durability and comfort.
  • Natural rubber touched from rubber trees.
  • No synthetic or PVCs materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Slightly thinner.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Very grippy when you sweat a lot.
  • No-slip.
  • Small enough to fold up.
  • Take in my luggage when traveling.
  • Slight smell of rubber.
  • Not great for sensitive knees.
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